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an application for sole rights to an invention

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This is the first lithium battery-related patent application filed by Masdar Institute, although the research-driven institution has already filed eight other patent applications on technologies developed by faculty and students over the past year.
After the inventor describes the product, the agent then drafts a patent application that includes a lengthy description of what the invention is and how it is used.
Even accepting the court's ruling, opponents argue that genes have always existed and patent applications on them should therefore fail the novelty test.
patent application, among other uses, covers compositions and processes for trapping nucleic acid on solid supports, a process used in the majority of nucleic acid probe test now being performed.
That description, traditionally in writing, accompanies the patent application but is protected from public scrutiny until the patent actually is issued -- sometimes years, or even decades, after the application is first filed.
USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) published a total of 39 patent application publications in June 2012.
Previously, patent application examiners employed a method for comparing a new invention with any number of similar devices different from that employed by the courts in deciding cases of patent infringement.
Rash, chairman and CEO of Power 3, said that his company, which is engaged in the discovery and commercialization of protein biomarkers for early detection, identification of disease mechanism and pathways, plans to augment its original 12 breast cancer biomarkers with findings covered in this patent application.
Hythiam previously received a notice of allowance for its treatment of cocaine dependence patent application in the U.
The party whose patent application has the earliest filing date is designated the "Senior Party" in the interference, with the parties having later filing dates being designated the "Junior Parties.
patent applications filed by the Vails include the following titles: "Methods and Apparatus to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Infections of the Human Respiratory System from Inhaled Anthrax, Smallpox, Botulism, Plague, Tularemia, Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses, Tuberculosis and Other Inhaled Bioterrorism Pathogens"; and "Methods and Apparatus to Prevent Treat, and Cure the Symptoms of Nausea Caused by Chemotherapy Treatments of Human Cancers" (that was Published on July 21, 2005 as US 2005/0158411 A1).
The development and protection of Intellectual Property is a Power3 core strategy and this patent application filed by Power3 (www.
Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has listed the status of its patent application No.
Medistem's patent application, submitted by consulting research scientist Thomas E.
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