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the openness (lack of obstruction) of a bodily passage or duct

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Achieving a 96 percent primary patency rate at one year, with low major adverse events, is exceptional," said Professor Stefan Muller-Hulsbeck, M.
On-pump CABG has better 1-year patency and equivalent neuropsychiatric outcomes with similar resource use when compared with off-pump procedures.
Graft patency is the useful life of a graft before it becomes blocked the first time.
Compared with the BMS group, SES-treated lesions were associated with significantly higher rates of primary patency at 3 years (hazard ratio (HR) 4.
concluded that small changes in lung volume could impact the patency of the upper airway.
Clifton et al (1) compared the patency of isotonic sodium chloride solution and heparin solutions for maintenance of arterial catheter patency in 1991.
Effectiveness of a patient-specific, self-monitoring tool used to monitor access performance in maintenance of access patency and function
The internal mammary artery has been considered the "golden" graft due to the superb long-term patency, exceeding 90% at 10 years.
Whereas the HSG can explore tubal patency only, "with TVL you have a more complete exploration of the patient," he told this newspaper.
Controversial issues addressed include vaginal disinfection during labour for reducing the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, male circumcision to prevent HIV transmission, and techniques for the interruption of tubal patency for female sterilisation.
Loop et al reported that the interrupted technique was used in patients who demonstrated the best long-term patency of mammary-to-coronary-artery anastomoses (7).
Sixty-seven ESRD patients on peritoneal dialysis who had peripheral vascular surgery were assessed retrospectively for preoperative risk factors, primary and secondary patency rates, and mortality.
Abbott Laboratories markets these products as part of its Needlestick Prevention Systems (NPS) product line, which includes Ansyr [TM], LifeShield [R] and Garpuject [R] syringes; LifeShield [R] GLAVE [R] and LAV valves; LifeShield [R] prepierced reseal; LifeShield [R] vials; FirstChoice [R] premixed solutions; ADD-Vantage [R] drug delivery system; and the CLC2000 [TM] needleless catheter patency device.
The STROLL trial demonstrates one year patency rates of ~81% and a very low fracture rate," said Dr.
The clock, the patency of the entire infrastructure of rain, ensuring correct operation of networks in the performance of work related to the maintenance, cleaning, removal of the resulting failures and proper functioning of the municipal storm sewer system;