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Synonyms for pate

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for pate

liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned

the top of the head

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The chalice, a ceremonial cup, and paten, a plate for bread to celebrate Eucharist, are kept at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.
SEARCHING: Carol Paten is hoping you can help her' DETAILED: The beautiful fountain, drawing room, hallway, and bedroom in the family house in Geelong, south-east Australia
The chalice and paten were taken to the altar by Harmony Waterman and Helen Phillips and Mr Clay was assisted at the distribution by pastoral minister, Malcolm Tibbott.
Earlier on Monday soldiers in Bhuj dug Cham Paten Seth, 90, from the rubble.
Mrs Karen McCann and Mrs Karen Phillips took up the chalice and paten and Mr Clay and pastoral minister Mrs Mary Chambers assisted Mr Chambers at the distribution.
The priest holds up the unconsecrated host on a paten and says, "Blessed are you, Lord, God of the universe, for from your bounty we have received the bread we offer you: fruit of the earth and work of human hands, which will become for us the bread of life.
Nintendo of America s vice president and deputy general counsel, Richard Medway, said : 'We are very pleased with the commission s determination, which confirmed the judge s finding that Nintendo s products do not infringe the asserted paten.
NYSE:CAJ) is a top paten holder of technology, ranking second overall in the U.
The children brought their presents to show the congregation and also took up the chalice and paten and helped lay the altar table for communion.
Ken and Joyce Harris took up the chalice and paten, and curate, the Rev Robert Chambers, and reader, Janet Roberts, assisted Mr Freeman at the distribution.
We have watched prisoner releases continue, while the Paten Commission examines the future of the RUC, and the criminal justice system is under review.
Jean Selbie and Margaret Whitehead took up the chalice and paten and Mr Tibbott and reader, Janet Roberts assisted with the distribution of the Sacrament.
The chalice and paten were taken to the altar by the Rev Graham and Mrs Sue Whitcroft.
Mr and Mrs Ken Harris took the chalice and paten to the altar and Mr Chambers was assisted at the distribution by Janet Jessop andHilary Berry.
Dennis and Marjorie Goring took up the chalice and paten and, at the distribution, Mr Chambers was assisted by pastoral minister, Betty Cross and Mr Malcolm Tibbet.