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a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint

type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets

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Lin had a devastating end to his year after he ruptured the patella tendon in his right knee in only the Nets' opening game against Indiana last October 19.
Then, there is the patella itself, popularly known  as the kneecap.
Bipartite patella with an accessory ossification center at the superolateral pole, the insertion site of the vastus lateralis, is a rare congenital anomaly.
8) DLP is a type of bipartite patella and caused by a septum dividing the patella into segments.
Left thigh muscle wasting present, patella J sign positive.
Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy used a motion tracking system to measure the position of the patella as different loads and forces were applied to the knee model at various degrees of flexion, Medical Xpress reported.
Prior to incision, relevant external landmarks, including the patella and patellar tendon, as it descends inferiorly from the patella to the tibial tuberosity should be palpated and noted.
4 An anteromedial incision was made from 4 cm medial to the patella and extending over the midportion of the tibia 8 cm distal to the joint line.
Beale is likely to be sidelined for four to six months with scans revealing his patella tendon has torn from his patella.
But although early reports suggested that he could be ruled out for between six and 12 months with a ruptured patella tendon, yesterday's guesstimate was far more encouraging.
The aim of this study was to assess isolated patella lateral retinaculum release as a treatment for anterior knee pain.
The study was conducted in 24 clinical cases of upward fixation of patella affected bovines.
The patella is a large sesamoid bone located in the anterior portion of the knee, tracking within the trochlea of the femur to provide a mechanical advantage to the extensor mechanism of the leg.