pate a choux

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batter for making light hollow cases to hold various fillings

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The majority of the Lebanese have not heard of or do not know where Pate a Choux and Cannelle are located," he continues.
pipe vanilla cream into surface and top with another pate a choux.
assembled pate a choux on one side of plate and spoon sorbel on the
BEIRUT: Chef Sarkis Nehme picked up the best eclair shell -- 12 centimeters of airy, perfectly browned pate a choux -- and without a blink, he stabbed it three times with a ballpoint pen, blue ink tip straight into the pastry.
And after nearly two hours of amateur hiccups -- including tossing out an entire batch of pate a choux -- the four students abruptly stopped talking as Nehme, their teacher, decimated a flawless pastry shell.
The amateur chefs had let the mixer beat the pate a choux too long, he said.
Perfectly completed eclair pate a choux should pause for a countable second or two on the whisk before oozing back into the bowl, he demonstrated.
Garnish with pate a choux pieces, raisins and tea powder.
Cream puffs are made from a soft-batter pastry dough known as choux pastry or pate a choux, which translates from the French as cabbage pastry because the appearance of the finished product bears a vague resemblance to a miniature cabbage.
For the pate a choux, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.