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Synonyms for pate

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for pate

liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned

the top of the head

References in classic literature ?
Now, I have a right round piece of a mind to crack thy knave's pate for thee
But as for this same knave Robin Hood, I go straightway to seek him, and if I do not score his knave's pate, cut my staff into fagots and call me woman.
Now yield thee," quoth the Tinker, "for thou art my captive; and if thou do not, I will beat thy pate to a pudding.
Then he told how none could be found in all Nottingham Town to serve this warrant, for fear of cracked pates and broken bones, and how that he, the messenger, was now upon his way to Lincoln Town to find of what mettle the Lincoln men might be.
The pates and fruit were brought to the dining-room; the bonbons were passed around.
Now, get it well into your pates that in a fortnight's time from now you will be the victors, and dressed in new clothes; you shall all have greatcoats, strong gaiters, and famous pairs of shoes; but, my children, you will have to march on Milan to take them, where all these things are.
While he was in the US, Pate posted a comment on Facebook
We can confirm that US citizen Ryan Pate was arrested on February 16 in Abu Dhabi.
We were keen to make it easier for retailers to access and stock Patchwork Pate products.
We both had full-time jobs and worked on it after-hours, but our prototype got better and better, and we began to see an opportunity in it," Pate says.
To serve the recipe you peel the lid, flip the cup onto the cat's plate and lift the cup off of the food to reveal the pate base topped with the layer of cuts and gravy.
Pate, who was on bail after admitting assault and criminal damage, got Traynor to take his place as having to stay in at certain times would scupper a two-day trip to Amsterdam, Manchester Minshull crown court heard.
In his police mugshot Pate, 24, sticks his split tongue out and smirks at the camera.
In 2008 there were just three outbreaks linked to undercooked chicken liver pate, but that rose to nine in 2009 and 14 in 2010.
GLORIOUS MALONE'S FINE SAUSAGE has married "down home tradition" with "delectably different" gourmet through its line of Malone's Country Pates.