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Synonyms for pate

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for pate

liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned

the top of the head

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Pate then allegedly ran toward the millrace where a Springfield police K9 tracked him before Pate entered the water, police said.
Take the pate out of the fridge around 20 minutes before serving, so that it comes to room temperature.
Pate was facing a possible fine of up to $50,000 and five
The Associated Press had reported that Florida-born Pate, a helicopter mechanic for Global Aerospace Logistics, was jailed for posting his grievances on Facebook over a "disagreement" with his bosses on extending his leave to get treatment for a back injury.
One of our biggest early mistakes was underestimating how hard it was not having any competition," Pate says.
Police later went to the house to arrest Pate over a separate matter and Traynor admitted posing as him.
Of the 18 outbreaks, 14 occurred in catering venues, and 13 of these were linked to chicken or duck liver pate.
Made with all-natural ingredients, including select Midwestern pork, and no fillers, artificial colors or flavorings, Malone's Country Pates are available in four varieties: Mildly Smoked, with a subtle smoked flavor and smooth texture; Spicy Mild, with just a hint of peppercorn spice; Smoky Hot, seasoned with smoked paprika; and Jazzy Hot, with a lively peppercorn flavor.
Symonds then helped Pate, who is from Pune, get in touch with many of his teammates from the 2003 and 2007 campaigns.
Replacing saturated fat with emulsified oil could be one way to improve the nutritional quality of pate as a high-fat meat product without hurting the product's spreadability and texture.
Family and friends always enjoyed my homemade pate and I thought the public might like it," she says.
Anyone thinking of starting a small business will have a much better chance of success after learning some basics and making plans to guide them," Pate said.
Ann Marie Mayers and Austin Brady Pate were united in marriage on the evening of February 28, 2009, at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church in Cleveland.
Pate has covered each panel first with burlap and then with fabric silk-screened with a blue sky and puffy white clouds, and, over that, with white mortar patterns: surreal Magritte-like compositions, in which skies appear as so many bricks.
The brainchild of Adam Marshall and Sandy Pate, a couple of farmers from the Scottish Borders, Oink opened just in time for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and has already garnered column inches in the New York Times.