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Synonyms for patchy

Synonyms for patchy

lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance

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irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc.

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Upgrading its growth outlook for the euro zone on Thursday, the bank said that economic recovery would be patchy.
Dry with some sunshine, but there will be patchy cloud too.
The Discovery harvest, which starts the apple season in late August, is said to be patchy.
The movie is an uneven but sincere debut that suffers from excessive voice-over narration and a patchy script.
Cold and dry weather is forecast for tonight, with the chance of freezing fog and patchy frost.
What this excellent work in economic history lacks in stylistic panache or narrative sweep it makes up for in unusual clarity of exposition (which admittedly tips over into redundancy on occasion), force of argument, and skillful deployment of frankly sometimes patchy evidence.
No matter how patchy their recent league form has been, Gerard Houllier's men should not be opposed when taking on Everton at Anfield this afternoon, writes Richard Griffiths.
Patchy fog today was expected to give way to mostly sunny skies.
On closer examination, these scarlet lines break and stutter, slipping behind and then in front of a patchy field of pale gray.
The wind will easy later in the week though patchy fog will form overnight with a risk of ground frost.
The only abnormality is a slightly patchy and opaque appearance of the pars tensa.
The company's international performance has been patchy with sales in the troubled Asia/Pacific and South American markets down.
Janet Hadda, professor of Yiddish at UCLA, has produced a thin, patchy, slapdash biography of a writer who deserves much better.
While the idea of Lucca actively searching for an alternative to the threat of Florentine rule is an intriguing one, the patchy character of the sources means that the evidence for it is rather tenuous, except during the siege of Lucca in 1341-42, when the Lucchese - or some of them - do indeed seem to have preferred Pisan rule.
A slightly patchy Nikolais program was chiefly notable for the revival of Scenario, made in 1971 and not performed since.