patchwork quilt

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a quilt made by sewing patches of different materials together

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She said: "The patchwork quilt is a friendship quilt.
drunks, and yearn to sleep beneath a patchwork quilt of rum.
No donation is too small, and each contributes to a patchwork quilt of joy that settles upon area homes like new-fallen snow.
Jo Ping, from Llantwit Major, spent six years learning new skills, learning to paint, draw, create a patchwork quilt, use a computer, brush up on her maths and cook Italian food.
Burke said: "I believe the government has the opportunity to create jobs in the UK without sacrificing tax receipts by replacing the current patchwork quilt with a single tax, at a single rate.
Dress your bed or sofa in a beautifully crafted patchwork quilt, while keeping the rest of your look pared down, for a take on the trend that's as simple but satisfying as mom's apple pie.
He will say the changes forced on Mr Lansley's reforms will result in "a patchwork quilt of decisionmaking for years".
A national system of road pricing would be much better rather than a patchwork quilt of different zones and charges.
We must try to create habitability through meeting human needs by way of an all-inclusive patchwork quilt of land-use ideas.
Vegetable plantations and chicken farms were destroyed by floods and the land looks from the air like a patchwork quilt of cocoa-colored lakes.
A source close to the club said: "The gardener did his best but the grass still looks like a patchwork quilt.
It brings firsthand knowledge of his life with the recognition of his incompleteness, and a patchwork quilt of a memoir that is most laudable in its attempt to explain his existence.
While each of the stories stands on its own, they meld together into a slightly ragged patchwork quilt that illustrates the life of students, actors, writers, and boardinghouse keepers at the beginning of Nazism in Berlin.
Bradley wasn't charged with an error, an obvious nod to the seam-ridden patchwork quilt of sod he was playing on.