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the act of mending a hole in a garment by sewing a patch over it

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They're like leaky boats--calking, patching, pumping, night and day and all the time.
All happiness be with her for her bright face and her pleasant Scotch tongue, which had sounds of old Home in it for my fellow-traveller; and for her predictions of fair winds and fine weather (all wrong, or I shouldn't be half so fond of her); and for the ten thousand small fragments of genuine womanly tact, by which, without piecing them elaborately together, and patching them up into shape and form and case and pointed application, she nevertheless did plainly show that all young mothers on one side of the Atlantic were near and close at hand to their little children left upon the other; and that what seemed to the uninitiated a serious journey, was, to those who were in the secret, a mere frolic, to be sung about and whistled at
There is still the plash of falling water in fair Fountain Court, and there are yet nooks and corners where dun-haunted students may look down from their dusty garrets, on a vagrant ray of sunlight patching the shade of the tall houses, and seldom troubled to reflect a passing stranger's form.
Seated by the window, busily engaged in patching an old waistcoat which formed a portion of the robber's ordinary dress, was a female: so pale and reduced with watching and privation, that there would have been considerable difficulty in recognising her as the same Nancy who has already figured in this tale, but for the voice in which she replied to Mr.
Now the fun begins: If you've ever frosted a cake or waxed a car, you can develop the skills of patching with Durobond[R].
If you've done a good patching job, the patch will have bonded tight to the BDUs.
UpdateEXPERT currently offers full support for English and German, and operating system patching for French, Spanish and Italian locales.
Timely patching is critical to maintain the operational availability, confidentiality, and integrity of IT systems.
Using a refractory patching program in your coreless induction furnace may stretch the life of your lining campaign, boosting productivity and melt efficiency.
Not patching these DST issues before the deadline may cause business disruption, frustrate customers and add unwanted costs.
Our consultants were facing stringent security requirements to enter external client networks and while manual patching is a slow process to begin with, it is nearly impossible to manually patch laptops that you don't see for months at a time," added Oswald.
Unlike attack-oriented security technologies, vulnerability protection offers customers the ability to comprehensively address the security and operational issues around security and patching.