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a length of wire that has a plug at each end

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The college provides the students with patchcords that connect between the RJ-45 jack and the serial port of their computers.
Its automatic and semi-automatic cable processing machinery is used for fiber optic cable patchcord jumper and pigtail production.
Limited Tenders are invited for Sc-Sc Duplex Sm Fibre Patchcord - 3M - 300.
Connectors and ferrules can be added to either side of the patchcord.
When a patchcord is inserted or removed from a sensor patchpanel, the analyzer detects the changes and updates the recorded information within the software, which can be viewed in real-time over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Limited Tenders are invited for Patchcord Cat6a/7Mp8 Fs 600Lszh-3M,Green - 300.
pigtails and patchcords, cable assemblies and preinstalled modules.
ONT device terminates GPON transmission and provides 10/100/1000-BaseT Ethernet connectivity to desktop equipment such as PC computers, laptops, voice over IP phones, and video phones using regular copper patchcords (or by 802.
6) short optical patchcords with lengths of 2 or 5 meters with SC-APC connectors.
Slimflex patchcords support Nexans fibre cable strategy to use the right fibre type in the appropriate place.
In addition, Rural Telephone is utilising Clearfield's Riser Rated Patchcords in their central offices and ruggedised patchcords in their OSP cabinets.
The NetTest instruments are complemented by a complete set of accessories including a cleaning kit, a visual fault locator, patchcords, and data reporting software.
As with all LANTEK testers, the new LANTEK 7G provides users with important cost savings thanks to its unique adapter-less design to enable testing with patchcords.
The AccessNET Collocation range offers copper connectivity using STP, UTP and co-ax, fibre connectivity and management, digital and optical distribution frames, demarcation and handover solutions as well as an array of copper and fibre cables, patch panels and patchcords.
The expanding line of patchcords, cordset, distribution boxes, and receptacles is designed to provide quick, reliable connections between sensors, switches, and other field devices as well as a control system or I/O.