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Synonyms for pasture

Synonyms for pasture

a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

feed as in a meadow or pasture

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Both paddocks were cleared for agriculture in 1978 and were under a crop/annual pasture rotation (1:1) until 1987.
I give pasturing and pasture rotation a lot of credit for good herd health and high production.
an unimproved, native pasture followed by ~10 years of crop pasture rotation with full cultivation.
Our worming program consists of pasture rotation and herbal wormer.
This provided coverage of all stages of the crop and pasture rotation on each farm.
Crop and pasture rotations are well developed within these zones and farmers have traditionally relied on legume-based pastures to maintain SOC and improve nitrogen availability.
Therefore, an experiment was conducted on a Kandosol in south-west Queensland from 2001 to 2005 to determine the effects of different fallow management practices and crop and pasture rotations on soil water, soil fertility and crop production on this soil type (Thomas et al.
Continuous cereal cropping was not common practice within the sampled regions but rotational practices were dominant, with break-crops (oilseed, legume) and/or grass-legume pasture rotations.
The ratio was highest in the treatment with no N input (T9) and narrowest on the three pasture rotations, particularly the direct-drilled treatment.
The quantity and quality of available substrates, particularly the labile fractions, are likely to differ in soils at different phases of wheat pasture rotations, and will influence the balance between mineralisation and immobilisation.