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Synonyms for pasture

Synonyms for pasture

a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

feed as in a meadow or pasture

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This inconsistency in measured soil hydraulic properties is likely to be due to several factors, including the non-uniform distribution of macropores associated with the crowns and growing points of pasture plants (Greenwood et al.
The pasture plants (sward height approximately 60 mm) were enclosed in a polyethylene bag (300 by 400 by 0.
13]C) uptake and allocation in pasture plants following field pulse-labelling.
grass pastures, and pasture plants run out of N for growth.
Five quadrats (1 by 1 m) were laid randomly in different directions from the centre of each plot at each time of sampling and the pasture plants from each quadrat were cut at soil level, dried at 60[degrees]C and weighed.
Results from an earlier ARS study suggest that dangerously high levels of selenium are unlikely to cycle into pasture plants from the manure.
We concluded that both pasture plants and dairy cow excreta were sources of P and N in runoff.
The trees also provide shade for grass and other pasture plants, as well as for livestock, during hot summer days.
Under certain conditions, wasteborne nutrients can outpace what pasture plants, soil microbes, and other biological processes can recycle or convert into forms less damaging to water quality.
Pasture plants allocated more C below-ground in the M and S slope categories.
The taproot may also help the plant go deep for water, which would explain in part why chicory "stayed green and leafy when most other pasture plants stopped growing during last year's hot, dry summer.
A model of water-soluble phosphorus (WSP) in pasture plants Total dry matter Phosphorus WSP WSP (kg/year) concentration (%)(B) in pasture (%)(A) (kg/ha.