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Synonyms for pasturage

succulent herbaceous vegetation of pasture land


bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

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Not surprisingly, the species has become naturalized and widespread in the Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas and Louisiana, in some cases replacing coastal prairies and pasturage with monospecific stands (Bruce et al.
110) Juges de paix were particularly directed to protect enclosed pastures from communities that wished to exercise old rights of pasturage on them.
The general subject of the new information contained in the Nottingham manuscript annotations directs the reader's attention to the specific political events and persons in the Irish Parliament which occasioned the poem, thus both emphasizing further the copyist's first-hand knowledge of Swift's cultural situation and the importance of the legislation removing pasturage tithes for a contemporary reader of Swift's poem.
Prior to 1875, Kinyaga was a place where those wishing personal autonomy, new pasturage and freedom from famine fled the Rwandese kingdom.
Abundant pasturage encouraged the growth of livestock.
After pursuing the "missionary ideals" for all of his sound life, he was kicked out by a newcomer--and like an old horse was allowed to find whatever pasturage he might find.
Within the Apologos, however, hunting is one way of obtaining meat in a narrative in which such ways are important markers: only Odysseus and his men hunt, while the cannibalistic Cyclops and Laestrygonians engage in pasturage.
Another 11,300 acres of state land leased for pasturage and cane fields bring the Robinsons' total managed acreage to a little more than 108,000.
But there were some other results as well, results that figured rather less prominently in the Boston Associates' balance sheets: their dams and mills flooded pasturage lands (pp.
Before there were gazelles and foxes and the pasturage lasted from one year to the next," he says, shaking his head slowly from side to side.
The ground we have thus created is forever pasturage for our thoughts.
He writes: "The amount of forests lost due to pasturage and felling trees to clear land for cultivation, for lumber, and for fuel [accelerated] from 1,600 square miles per year in 1835 to 7,000 square miles 20 years later.
Michael McGrath, planning manager at the Delaware Department of Agriculture, said his department's GIS is an important part of the effort of control overdevelopment of pasturage.
Can this be the famous pasturage on which fattened the myriads of buffaloes whose bones lie bleaching on every quarter section for a thousand miles; and are the rancher's cattle to live and thrive all the year round on this scanty growth on to which an Ontario farmer would hardly turn his sheep?