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a chef who specializes in pastry

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Like all the other toppings for the tart, they are really just being re-heated in the oven as the pastry cooks.
Alessandrini favours the handsonly method of creation beloved by pastry cooks.
There are butchers who can produce 40 cuts from a carcass of beef, cooks who know how to deal with every one of these cuts, from the fillet to the last scrap, and Konditors - pastry cooks - who can pull a sheet of strudel out so thinly that a newspaper can be read through it.
AUSTRALIA is recruiting chefs, cooks, bakers and pastry cooks to fill dire skills shortages in the country's booming restaurant, catering and hospitality industries.
In a smaller part, Robert Vincent Frank is warm and amusing as the Prince of Pastry Cooks, a chef with the soul of a poet.
Isaacs and Ross work together with pastry assistant Nicholas Hosea, a staff of three other pastry cooks, and Edwyn Ferrari, Director of Back of House Operations, who assists in all the Nobu outlets.