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partial sterilization of foods at a temperature that destroys harmful microorganisms without major changes in the chemistry of the food

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I am pleased that Universal Pasteurization has chosen Pennsylvania as the place to grow its business," said Governor Wolf.
The participants gave various suggestions for development of dairy sector and minimum pasteurization law.
Their work indicates that post-package hot water pasteurization can be an effective microbial intervention against L.
Nearly a half-dozen almond pasteurization methods already have federal approval, but many almond processors remain eager to learn about new options, including SIRHA and its promise of fast, reliable, and relatively economical pasteurization.
Raw milk consumers believe that pasteurization will obliterate the proteins and enzymes that aid in the digestion and immune system.
Radio Frequency Company offers a full line of systems for the bulk or bagged pasteurization and/or insect deiniestation of nut meats, various types of Flour, Grains, Pasta, Tobacco, Fishmeal, Xanthan Gum, and other food ingredients as well as finished products.
Nematodes in the Dauer larvae stage may be more resistant to extreme temperatures present during pasteurization.
0 logs obtained by HTST pasteurization for 26 seconds at 72 C.
Existing pasteurization technology removes heat-sensitive pathogens, but some heat-resistant spoilage microorganisms can survive.
Although the sale of raw milk was illegal in 26 states as of 2006, the authors note that those who are opposed to pasteurization have found ways to circumvent the law and obtain raw milk.
gabonensis, and its interaction with pasteurization temperature and pasteurization time on the sensory attributes and shelf life of palmwine as processed in Essien Udim Local Go vernment Area, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria using response surface methodology.
Despite the ban on sale of raw milk in 26 states in 2006, the authors note that those who are opposed to pasteurization have found ways to circumvent the law and obtain raw milk.
To do so, they would have to show that the radiation kills germs as well as the pasteurization process does.
But the exact parameters for inactivating them by pasteurization had not been established--until now.