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heat food in order to kill harmful microorganisms


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One of the pasteuriser modules is designed for fruit juices containing dices, so HRS DTA-series double tube heat exchangers with corrugated inner tubes have been used.
Tracey said, 'We make a base mix in the pasteuriser, add the flavours and leave it for a minimum of 12 hours, the longer it is left the better the flavour.
Agriculture executive Monica Waiganjo said the department has set aside an extra Sh10 million to buy 20 more greenhouses in the next phase, "I urge farmers to irrigate mitigate effects of unreliable rainfall and unpredictable weather patterns,", the county is supporting six farmers' groups with milk coolers and a group with a milk pasteuriser.
The steam pasteuriser has been installed at the AIBP plant in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.
Tenders are invited for Pasteuriser, batch freezer and potting machine for making frozen yogurt.
So Business Development Manager Paul Griffin was not totally surprised to receive his third order in 20 years from Ramsaran Dairy Products in Trinidad and Tobago, for a similar 200 gallon batch pasteuriser.
Riverland Almonds: Up to $608,252 towards the installation of a new technology radio frequency pasteuriser and retail packing line in its almond packing facility in Loxton.
This new set up saves a great amount of space and time by- eliminating the need for a flat bed pasteuriser post bottling.
This new set up saves a great amount of space and time by eliminating the need for a flat bed pasteuriser post bottling.
In practice this meant the pasteuriser needed to accommodate a range of holding times and the control also had to be sufficiently flexible to manage the various cleaning-in-place (CIP) demands this placed on the whole unit.
It is also used to heat water in a pasteuriser, which kills the head space in the jars and, as it cools, creates the vacuum required as the tamper-proof lids are fitted.
Specialising in the manufacture of organic soft cheese, Daisy & Co regularly produces a range of special quality cheeses in batches to meet specific customer demands, using purpose built equipment including a traditional pasteuriser set.
In addition the Hampshire dairy is now benefiting from greater temperature control for both raw and finished products, improved storage conditions and better management of its cream pasteuriser.
A new 1000 litre per hour pasteuriser, two 2000 litre storage tanks and the new carton machine, which can fill up to 1500 Tetra Rex cartons an hour, have boosted milk capacity dramatically for the Hampshire farm.
This is especially true when it comes to the PHE installed in the beer kegging section which also acts as the main beer pasteuriser for the plant.