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having been subjected to pasteurization in order to halt fermentation


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The company has also tried to reach a wider market by selling pasteurised milk through the "milk ATMs" distributed at Salgaa trading centre, Keringet town, Nakuru town and Narok town.
The family-inspired brand of 100 per cent natural, steam pasteurised, preservative and GMO-free range of herbs and spices, is growing its international appeal in Africa by expanding its retail network as well as its product line.
Figure-2: Factors responsible for unchanged behaviour (post intervention) Yes, purchase No, but still No, purchase milk from purchase milk pasteurised vendors from vendors milk Without any specific reason 70 23 27 Liking of milk taste 17 76 27 Relationship with vendor 6 87 27 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Autoclaved horse compost manure was fully colonised in 42 days, while those pasteurised with hot water at 2 and 3 h failed to colonise due to heavy contamination by Trichoderma harzianum presumably due to insufficient sterilisation.
The FSA said: "These eggs were mixed with other non-contaminated eggs to make pasteurised liquid egg.
It will continue to serve the Thai domestic market where dairy consumption is growing by 10% annually and the niche market of Singapore where it currently has 35% of sales of pasteurised milk, said Prasit.
Kiobrina is a recombinant human bile-salt-stimulated lipase (rhBSSL) aimed at improving growth and development in preterm infants receiving pasteurised breast milk and/or formula.
Somerset-based unpasteurised farmhouse Cheddar specialist Keen's had to use pasteurised milk for a six-week period after a cow tested positive for TB, said owner Stephen Keen.
Q What is the difference between pasteurised and UHT milk?
This destroys all bacteria and makes it last much longer than ordinary pasteurised milk.
Pasteurised egg means that the product is salmonella, listeria and E.
Pasteurised milk, which involves a process to kill off bacteria, came second and others which scored highly include tea bags and screw-top wine bottles.
In 1999, Granarolo marketed in Italy high-temperature pasteurised milk produced in Germany.
It is hoped that following the code will assist operators in ensuring that their products have been correctly pasteurised and that the risk of post-pasteurisation contamination has been avoided.