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Need for Speed: The most common mistake in making fresh pasta at home is overcooking.
A cold pasta or pasta which is to be served later can be rinsed with water.
When both groups of taste testers compared the whole-wheat pasta with the pasta made from bananas, they found the modified pasta had better aroma, flavor, texture, and overall quality.
Prepare a hot tomato pasta salad by tossing freshly cooked pasta with lightly sauteed tomatoes, basil, and garlic.
Using scientific research that supports the benefits of diets that include carbohydrates such as pasta for weight control, the "Pasta Fits" program will educate consumers about why pasta and other carbohydrates are vital to a healthy lifestyle.
Short, thick tubes like penne are best for pasta salads.
Promotional activity hasn't been as forthcoming in the ambient pasta section compared with fresh, which is still heavily promoted with almost 50% of sales generated by promotions.
Beyond pasta, soups ($5 at lunch, $6 at dinner) are always a good indicator of a kitchen's worth.
In negotiating several past contracts, the local took what would seem to be a more rigid stance, calling for a union shop, which all PASTA members would be required to join.
Finally, the pasta is shuttled to the packaging area where it is boxed, wrapped, and shipped to you.
The pasta is simple to assemble, stores well, and cooks in minutes.
Pasta lovers can rest assured that when pasta is on the table, you've not only made a delicious choice, but a healthy one too.
Pasta and pasta sauces remains a dynamic category with good rates of growth being recorded from both ambient pasta sauces and dry pasta.