past progressive

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a progressive tense used to describe on-going action in the past

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Once again the progressive in the passive voice shows higher frequencies in IndE, followed by BrE and SingE with very similar values for the present passive, and finally HKE presenting the lowest frequencies in both present and past progressive forms (Fig.
With the results obtained from COCA (1), BNC (2) and the creation of a small corpus for the purposes of this research, they found that there is a rise of the past progressive due to the spread of progressive constructions into the functional area of simple forms.
Koubek faces Ivan Ljubicic, who came past progressive youngster Novak Djokovic in three sets, in today's final and though he is the 4-1 outsider, he should not be underestimated.
15: 14) was allegedly considered as a past progressive tense (p.
In the recent past progressives have argued for a little redistribution to fund human capital development: early childhood education, child and family leave, better community colleges.