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a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past

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The past perfect aspect is used to code an event in the past that occurred before another event in the past.
Similarly, in language learning, if learners are not familiar with the past simple tense, we are unlikely to introduce the past perfect tense.
Embora nao tenhamos desenvolvido ainda um tipo de anotacao especifico, uma vez que o corpus esta em processo de construcao, objetivamos identificar nos exemplos listados na analise piloto, alguns desvios nas estruturas verbais da lingua inglesa quanto ao past simple, past perfect e formas progressivas.
Phillipina has come in for good support recently - probably on the back of a ten-length drubbing of Strictly on the Limekilns round gallop - and the Sir Michael Stoutetrained filly, who will have no problems with the ground, could well improve past Perfect Truth.
The project has been developed by Google, in collaboration with the Rome Reborn Project and Past Perfect Productions.
This constraint is also a peculiarity of the present form of the perfect specifically, and does not apply to past perfect and future perfect sentences, which can have two readings, as exemplified by (1a)-(2b):
In the indirectal function, the perfect form on of the auxiliary olema 'be' or the past perfect auxiliary oli may be omitted from the sentence and the indirectal meaning is attached to the past participle-nud functioning as a finite verb in the sentence (Kunnap 1992, 1994, Muizniece et al.
I mean experiments with stuff, with voices, tenses, the abulative, the past perfect.
On bedding, Melnick said 16 ensembles will be focused on four different lifestyles: Beautiful Things, a romantic traditional look; Modern Living, contemporary and transitional; Past Perfect, vintage looks from American country to Victorian to Scandinavian; and Town & Country, a sophisticated and comfortable look.
This is much in evidence when Yuri and Leon the Russian clowns bang around the ring manglin g the past perfect hilariously in their broken English, managing to have as much fun with their patrons as their patrons have with them.
ATLANTA -- Past4Ward, LLC, an Atlanta-based startup, has licensed the exclusive rights to use Rome Reborn, an interactive 3D model of the ancient, historic city, for the first module of its game-based supplemental education platform as well as video game applications, from Past Perfect Productions srl.
Hall Court in the Heroines of Jericho, Past Loyal Lady Ruler of Prince Hall Post Assembly #2, Honorary Past Perfect Matron of Ish Sodi Court # 5, Ladies of the Circle of Perfection-Member of Prince Grand O.
DeVries Companies, Cornerstone Architects, and Past Perfect, Inc.
info ( Walk through a virtual reality model of a medieval village with Past Perfect.
Past Perfect is a virtual reality website launched by Northumberland and Durham County Councils which allows users to step into the past.