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Synonyms for passivity

submission to others or to outside influences


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The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) is in a state of total passivity on the case of Commercial Corporate Bank (KTB)," Penchev said in a Monday interview for TV7, adding that the inaction could be explained with total incompetence or deliberate behavior.
Penchev said, 'The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) is in a state of total passivity on the case of Commercial Corporate Bank (KTB).
The questionnaire consists of four components: assertiveness, aggression, acting and passivity, placed in four columns, each comprising twenty scores.
A Passivity Prior to Passive and Active: Merleau-Ponty's Re-Reading of the Freudian Unconscious and Looking at Lascaux, FIONA HUGHES
Magdalena Kopp, once an active member of an explosive '60s/'70s German terrorist cell, here stares directly into the camera in the red light of a darkroom, looking back with regret and passivity, unable to comprehend her choices or, like those of an earlier German generation, to think, see or remember beyond her own guilt or innocence.
Meanwhile, the Armenian police are trying to refute the statements about their passivity.
NNA - MP Mouin Merhebi called on "the President, the Commander in Chief of the army and care-taker Prime Minister to stop their passivity or their conspiracy against our regions, leaving them prey to Assado-Iranian regime that pound border areas daily.
The EU has been torn between the interventionist instincts of the UK and France, two nations that still see themselves as world powers, and the inward-looking passivity of Germany, an economic giant loath to flex its diplomatic, let alone military, muscles," explains Joshua Chaffin for the Financial Times.
Victor Biceaga, The Concept of Passivity in Husserl's Phenomenology, Springer, Dordrecht, 2010, 135 pp.
This results in a reading that stands out for its passionate defense of human passivity and dependence.
She, like so many of Kleist's characters, is hampered by a crippling passivity.
4), who challenged our church's passivity and silence in the face of increasing militarism.
The state of absolute passivity outwardly resembling the comatose, but distinguishable from it by voluntary alimentation and libation, was derided by my friends as unattainable.
Faced with such a situation, observers in Arab states must be wondering if "we" will again miss an opportunity, or even worse, go beyond passivity and actually spoil things ourselves.