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submission to others or to outside influences


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In comparison, the Arab states, which at least have innate assets and the potential to form and empower their unified power, are forever in a state of passiveness, unwillingness or incapacity to take a bold stand to face the leading giants in resolving their everlasting internal and external issues, topped by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its spillover.
Similarly, Will & Nill shows that being active and making an effort always pays off, while laziness or passiveness doesn't do us any good.
Students are becoming more engaged with the continuous holding of the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED), hence the transition from a culture of passiveness to a culture of reactiveness is seen.
Army, People, Resistance' equation shall persist in times of Arab passiveness NNA - Marking the 16th commemoration of Liberation Day, Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, addressed the Lebanese on Wednesday in a televised speech under the headline: "May 25 - Victory of a Homeland, Dignity of a Nation.
And unfortunately, this wounding of democracy is owed, to a large extent, to the passiveness of the attorney-general.
Ultimately, the film reveals Elisha's 'crime' to be his passiveness.
Now, this has always been true: The main difference now is the availability in a teen's hand of the infinite Internet which takes time away from reading, in part because the passiveness and solitary nature of reading slams into direct conflict with the active and social nature of media.
Many people leave their money in low interest deposit accounts, with inflation they are actually losing money year on year and this passiveness must be avoided
We are so accustomed to this sort of passiveness that we see the problem as limited to injustices faced by potential candidates whose districts were moved or people who were not listed as candidates at all.
His hard running was a tonic to the ineffective passiveness of Noah Cato, Richards saying: "Chris gives 100% every time he plays, but it is not just that.
Reuben had got Dad's aggressiveness, and Jax had got the passiveness.
I was a strong believer that, given society's passiveness, Egyptians would never revolt.
Nor less I deem that there are Powers Which of themselves our minds impress; That we can feed this mind of ours In a wise passiveness.
The intrinsic passiveness and electromagnetic immunity of optical sensors, plus the all-dielectric nature of optical fiber is ideal for both sensor design and optical signal transmission in and out of Zone 4 (MRI Scanner location) of the MRI suite.
And the good news is that software companies are now reshaping the architectural features of their systems that allow such passiveness to exist in the first place.