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in a passive manner


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This was quite the most realistic of his sleep adventures, thought Tarzan, as he passively awaited the next amusing incident.
I had hitherto passively endured the wreck of my earliest and dearest hopes: I had lived patiently, and lived innocently, for Mary's sake.
Tom turned his cheek passively to meet her entreating kisses, and there gathered a moisture in his eyes, which he just rubbed away with his hand.
As I understand it, she suffers herself to be passively guided by her sister's example.
She gave it up to him, passively, but when he offered her his arm, merely shook her head and pursed up her lips.
The soldiers seized Dantes, who followed passively.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of diode pumped passively q- switched nd yag laser
Pindrop, the pioneer in voice security and authentication, has announced their proprietary Deep VoiceTM biometric engine, which utilizes the latest deep neural network technology for speaker recognition, to passively identify legitimate and fraudulent callers, solely by voice.
Retirement plan committees are increasingly selecting passively managed funds for their 401(k) plan investment menus, in many instances to replace actively managed funds.
And, despite suggestions that passively managed investment options are "safer," from a litigation avoidance standpoint, there is no statutory or regulatory authority stating that ERISA favors passively managed funds or disfavors actively managed funds.
An increasing number of advisors, however, have boosted their use of passively managed products, and that trend is expected to continue.
Very little passively-invested money tracks the MSCI FM index, but EPFR data suggests that around $540 million passively tracks the MSCI FM 100 index.
ISLAMABAD -- Offspring's of expecting mothers, who experience stress during pregnancy, can become obese, if the children cope with stress passively, a new study has suggested.
It was greater for offset J-hooks fished passively and in-line J-hooks fish actively than for offset J-hooks fished actively and in-line circle hooks fished actively.
We cannot wait passively while some publishers deny access to our cultural record.