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Synonyms for passionless

Synonyms for passionless

deficient in or lacking sexual desire

Synonyms for passionless

not passionate

unmoved by feeling


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Ignore the manager's post-match guff about wanting to win it, the fact is that the passionless bean-counters won.
It was just about really understanding the sort of internal abandonment that she was feeling in her marriage - also the abandonment of her own self - in this sort of passionless, loveless life that she was living with no communication.
A derby should be about blood and thunder anyhow - but this was one of the most passionless I can remember.
Some blokes drooled, though her pins looked like passionless pipe cleaners to me.
Once again the impetus and the driving force in man''s endeavours to fulfil his maker''s wishes has been wrestled from the Coal Face to the sterile and passionless eau-de-nil painted corridors inhabited by the intolerant discussing the intolerable.
Having already won Group F, the Blues were lethargic and passionless despite Ancelotti's call for a return to the free-flowing football they produced at the start of the season.
The recession, a working man's paternal pride and a passionless marriage were turned from everyday concerns into don't-miss telly.
However, for some nurses, the stress of daily demands continues to leave them feeling passionless, frustrated, and hopeless.
Decades of American support for tyrants seem to provoke few ripples in Fukuyama's passionless log.
South America was represented by Buenos Aires-based Union Tanguera, featuring the slick but passionless moves of artistic director Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega in the premiere Tango Vivo.
Desperate to get away from them more than to wed, she agrees to the passionless proposal of shy bacteriologist Walter (Norton), who has a posting in exotic, faraway Shanghai.
There was a sullen, poisonous silence, the stadium enveloped in a stifling atmosphere as passionless as the performance of the Blues players who struggled against mediocre opposition.
It's time for actors to take back the theatre, to rescue it from the stultifying, passionless commerce driven machine it has so often become.
The trick will be bringing passion to passionless companies run by passionless people via products that are energetic, interesting, and confident--three things most domestic offerings currently are not.
The problem is the lack of suitable English candidates to take over from the supposedly passionless Swede.