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Synonyms for passionless

Synonyms for passionless

deficient in or lacking sexual desire

Synonyms for passionless

not passionate

unmoved by feeling


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But Ronald Koeman appears to be in the throes of a passionless fling.
The image of the passionless lady produced a dark counterpart in the fallen whore; any woman who did not rise to the standard of passionlessness became a fit subject for exploitation.
As much as he would have loved to be a part of the movie franchise, McKellen said he could not accept the role because Harris thought he was "technically brilliant but passionless.
ENGLAND were so clueless, passionless and aimless against Slovakia on Sunday I turned over and watched Pointless Celebrities.
Five years down the line I have a nice but dull and passionless life with him.
The male leaders, particularly the First Minister, came over as anodyne, passionless, inert, out of touch and tired.
If you spend your hard-earned money on a match ticket, it's an insult to witness passionless, mercenary football.
So many people in the world live mundane lives filled with passionless drudgery.
A SEX scandal that rocked the Victorian art world's powerful and privileged has been reduced to a passionless, lethargic and colourless film.
This season was one month of good football and the rest was boring, timid passionless mediocrity.
It takes Julia (Rashida Jones), his smart, funny, hot American boss, to force him to re-examine his passionless existence.
Ignore the manager's post-match guff about wanting to win it, the fact is that the passionless bean-counters won.
It was just about really understanding the sort of internal abandonment that she was feeling in her marriage - also the abandonment of her own self - in this sort of passionless, loveless life that she was living with no communication.
Some blokes drooled, though her pins looked like passionless pipe cleaners to me.
With a multilingual cast of mostly unfamiliar faces, plus a few stars, "360" feels too abstract, orchestrating break-ups and hookups in a passionless vacuum.