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a nonharmonic note inserted for transition between harmonic notes

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5] or by adding passing notes to increase the number of notes by a factor of [5.
Commission on International Religious Freedom are ''not worth even a passing note.
Both--with a little better luck--could have left a deeper impression on ballet history, but when that history is written, I trust that some scholars will pay at least passing note.
Fr Finbar Mullane told the gathering of an article Mark had written in his school year book with the heading A Passing Note.
It took passing notes via Diamond Public Relations, to get a written statement from an unidentified Marriott spokesperson, who says the island is an especially ideal destination for "those interested in adding purpose to their travel.
Faria was also asked about Mourinho watching the second half from the stands and passing notes to assistants to take to the bench.
AN Ofsted study said an hour a day of learning could be being lost by low level classroom disruption such as children swinging on chairs, playing with mobile phones or passing notes.
I know it's early days with Trollope on board but I do find it odd to watch a new head coach barking out instructions, passing notes and then congratulating players as they leave the pitch.
APRIL Double lock your journal and be careful passing notes to friends.
Gone are the days of students dashing to the main office when they need to call home, or passing notes on old-fashioned lined paper to classmates.
CARDIFF boss Malky Mackay tried to win this soulless game by passing notes to his team.
It starts with passing notes in the classroom and moves on to high school dances, frat parties and hitting the singles bars Once you find a prospective mate, there's the whole courtship period, fraught with doubt and insecurity.
I divide the types of examples into three categories: effect notes, implied dynamics and phrasings, and passing notes.