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a nonharmonic note inserted for transition between harmonic notes

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I know it's early days with Trollope on board but I do find it odd to watch a new head coach barking out instructions, passing notes and then congratulating players as they leave the pitch.
APRIL Double lock your journal and be careful passing notes to friends.
The 27-year-old double-amputee runner, whose stature peaked at the 2012 London Olympics and then plummeted when he shot model and television personality Reeva Steenkamp in the predawn hours of Valentine's Day last year, stood in the dock in a dark gray suit and black tie, writing in a pad and sometimes passing notes to defense lawyers.
The latter were 'soppy' and drew horses and spend their time passing notes to each other during and out of lessons.
McGrath frequently disturbed the trial, passing notes to staff saying he would "see them in the Court of Appeal" and refusing to show up for the jury's verdict.
CARDIFF boss Malky Mackay tried to win this soulless game by passing notes to his team.
It starts with passing notes in the classroom and moves on to high school dances, frat parties and hitting the singles bars Once you find a prospective mate, there's the whole courtship period, fraught with doubt and insecurity.
Science Bang Goes The Winter Weather (BBC1, 8pm) EVEN if you spent your school science lessons passing notes at the back of the class or staring into space, this show should still be able to convince you that science is interesting.
Both systems allow the process of passing notes typed by healthcare providers.
He is taking a keen interest in what is being said, entering with a reef of files, and several times during the day passing notes to his counsel.
If attendees start whispering or even passing notes (yes this happens
It was capable of catching students passing notes and copying homework as well as giving them a rather stern telling off.
Although Connie had spent much of the evening passing notes to her boyfriend as she rested her vocal chords following a day of rehearsals, she quickly found her voice when he asked her to become his wife.
Fraudulent styles of cribbing, copying and passing notes have have now been replaced by computers and mobile phones which offer opportunities to cheat on a whole new scale by visiting websites and sending electronic messages.