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Synonyms for passim

used to refer to cited works


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1 passim (1985); see also Bartow, Copyright Law & Commoditization, supra note 126, at 13-14, 28 (referring to MacKinnon & Dworkin's draft of the Indianapolis anti-pornography law and at times seeming to embrace limits on providing copyright even to consensual depictions of bondage).
55) For a splendid discussion of language and children in Sapientia, see Kline, 77-95 passim.
Arbitration from the Law of the Situs, supra note 26, at 141 passim.
Peter Waterhouse, "Language" is from passim [C] Rowohlt
The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires, 5 vols (Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1985), passim.
Medical Economics 68(21):80-2,85-8,90-2 passim, Nov.
Timothy Mason has been promoting acoustic music shows all over Massachusetts for more than 25 years, including well-beloved shows at the Old Vienna Kaffeehaus in Westboro, Club Passim in Cambridge and Capo's in Lowell.
In close contexts or passim, repeatedly used words and countless restatements of overarching ideas make for a redundant narrative that lacks the rigorous editing that may have caught misspellings, confusions of proper names ("Henry" for Horace Walpole [47, 276]), some factual errors, and even some misreadings (such as that regarding the Scottish William Lithgow [148]).
His work has appeared on Boston Neighborhood Network television in 2001 and has been displayed at Club Passim and the Tsongas Gallery at Walden Pond.
47-65 and passim, he provides the astronomical details on this and the several other constellations mentioned in Revelation as sources of special revelation.
Orientalism (Vintage, 1979), 1, 2, 5, 17 and passim.
24 v], [42 v], et passim (I am indebted to Graham Runnalls for his kindness in checking on site the accuracy of the entries from this manuscript); on King John of France at Somerton Castle, see J.
Macdonald, The Religious Attitude and Life in Islam (Beirut: Khayats, 1965), passim.
Scanlon (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1999), 59, 60, passim.
However, she does, passim, have it in for Carina Rydberg, the author of Den hogsta kasten, which she views as an abuse of a writer's chance to take public revenge.