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Synonyms for passerine

perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch

relating to or characteristic of the passeriform birds


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For this, he drew on the expertise of birdwatchers across the US, Canada and Europe and asked them to report on the complexity and volume of the passerine calls they heard.
Thus, the spatial pattern for the passerines exhibited greater constancy over a 20-year period than that found in the simulation model with only temporal environmental variability.
Average levels of genetic variation within greenfinch populations are extremely low as compared to most other passerine species (Barrowclough 1983; Corbin 1983).
In both the shorebird and the passerine analyses, snowmelt completion date (our surrogate climate variable) and habitat type (landform) were not included in the top models.
In order to estimate the potential of some Passerine birds as bioindicators of forest fragmentation in the Atlantic forest, we have conducted this research in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro state, southeastern Brazil, from October 2001 to July 2005.
Total passerine nest success was greater on burned than on unburned plots (Fig.
Demographical, physiological, genetical and behavioural aspects of population biology of passerine birds.
The music lineup includes The Hip Abduction, Dan Orlando, Kendra, Walker Lukens, Future Thieves, Professor Toon, Tides of Man, Hot Jam Factory, Luxury Mane, The Jackettes, DEA and Saint, Gat & Chris, Passerine, and more to be announced before October 1.
Whitmore and others (1977) analyzed climatic data to determine whether there were any yearly weather differences that might explain mortality of 569 individuals of 32 species of passerine spring migrants, which occurred during cold and stormy weather in Utah.
Beginning with Giovanni's secretary Cosimo Baroncelli, he traces the formation of character types--Giovanni as the bamboozled prince and Livia as the beautiful love witch--that appeared in works by Galluzzi, Rosini, Moreno, Passerine, and D'Annunzio and that coincided with the development of modern historiographic practice and the rise of a unified Italy.
Large-scale passerine migration does not occur in the Beaufort Sea, so the risk to passerines in the Arctic is low; however, the Beaufort Sea is an important migration route for shorebirds (Alerstam et al.
This little passerine (16 cm in length) uses the beak to tear apart large prey items held down with the foot (Snow, 1964).
We hypothesized if wind facility operation decreased passerine fitness by making wind turbine locations more suitable for associated predators and parasites [such as Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater)], we would observe: (1) the rate of brood parasitism increasing with decreasing distance from turbines, (2) a decrease in nest success with a decrease in distance to turbines, or (3) both.
A study was carried out to find the local status and population count of selected passerine birds species in Lahore during 2008.