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Synonyms for passerby

a person who passes by casually or by chance

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The injured were taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) where doctors pronounced one dead while the passerby was out of danger.
Javed Akbar further said a passerby, identified as Hasan Abbas, also sustained injuries in the incident and he was receiving treatment at the JPMC.
Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], August 7 ( ANI ) :On the eve of Raksha Bandhan ,sex workers of Sonagachi , Kolkata ,tied Rakhi around the waist of passerby, in the hope of receiving equal respect in society.
BEIRUT: An unknown assailant opened fire at a soldier in north Lebanon Saturday, wounding the serviceman and a passerby.
As result of firing Usman Khan and a passerby Iftikhar, 16, were sustained bullets wounds.
The passerby spotted the smoke and broke into the house to alert the occupant, a man in his 50s who he found asleep in bed.
A passerby found the body floating in the water and immediately notified the police.
In the end, he revealed his true identity to one passerby who claimed he's a fan of the rapper.
The couple managed to escape via the back door with the help of the passerby who ran into the burning house to rescue them.
com)-- Passerby, a crowdfunding platform exclusive to film, has announced the launch of its donation platform, with three films in funding.
One passerby picked up the missing exhaust after former Liverpool and Arsenal star Pennant, 28, departed in a roar of engine noise.
30am and shot the students, three teachers, and a passerby then fled.
It is believed a passerby was roped into helping the thief carry the generator from the car, which was parked outside a takeaway.
One of the terrorists was shot by a passerby and is listed in moderate-to-serious condition.
Three-year-old Ethan Christopher French hams it up for the camera recently as he and his dad, Daniel Christopher, have their picture taken by a passerby at the statue of pioneer Eugene Skinner in front of the Eugene Public Library.