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gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct

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The last wild passenger pigeon was observed in 1899 and the last representative of the species died in the Cincinnati Zoological Gardens on September 1, 1914.
Passenger pigeons were once the most abundant bird in all of North America.
Joel Greenberg, a renowned expert on passenger pigeons, will talk about the significance of the ROM's passenger pigeon collection to global research.
MONDAY ONDAY ONDA marked a sombre anniversary: 100 years ago, the Passenger Pigeon went extinct.
In 1914,the last passenger pigeon in captivity, ''Martha,'' died at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Martha, the last known passenger pigeon, is posed on a branch amid a small collection of mementos of doom--some lovely, some poignant and some ironic--at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
Resurrecting long extinct species such as the woolly mammoth, passenger pigeon or other extinct species is the subject of a conference at the National Geographic Society in Washington, Fox News reported.
There's a jaunty barber-shop song about the last (lays of the passenger pigeon," he says, referring to a bird that went extinct in the early 20th century.
Instead, I journeyed to see what's left of her, tucked away in a steel storage locker at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural Histor3z For me to see where she's preserved seemed like a better place to connect with extinction than the zoo where she died, the last known passenger pigeon on earth, the last known specimen of her species--an endling.
Along the way, materials grouped as wilderness, wildlife, and wild places depict this adventurer's span of attention from the passenger pigeon to the highlands of Brazil, and his evolving sense of the natural world.
This is impressive marksmanship, but it was obviously devastating to the passenger pigeon population.
Organized chronologically into seven sections beginning with 'Fewer Than 100 Years Ago' to 'More Than 50,000 Years Ago', each of these individual chapters list now extinct species that ranging from the better known Passenger Pigeon, Great Auk, and Dodo, to the more obscure Horned Turtle, Australian Thunderbird, and Megatooth Shark.
Other well-documented extinctions have come about through active persecution--the passenger pigeon springs to mind.
Blechman also recounts the sad tale of the passenger pigeon, which once may have comprised 40 percent of the entire bird population in the eastern United States, yet was gone by 1914--perhaps the only species for which the exact date and time of extinction are known.