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gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct

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The last passenger pigeon died in 1914, wiped out by humans armed with low-tech muzzle-loaded shotguns and nets.
While the focus of each book is on the Passenger Pigeon and each tells the tale of its extinction, these are very different books and each makes unique contributions to our understanding of this bird, its relationship to humans, the causes of its extinction, and hopes for the future of other species.
Ben Novak of University of California, Santa Cruz, said: "There's nothing in the data so far to shout at us to turn back now and not bring back the passenger pigeon.
When European visitors to North America returned with descriptions of the magnitude of passenger pigeon flocks, they were justifiably met with incredulity, and they sometimes kept quiet, suspecting that no one would believe them anyway.
Released on the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon -- which, incredibly, was once the continent's most abundant bird, exceeding 5 billion and darkening North American skies for days at a time when they migrated -- the report will mean little to people without an affinity for birds.
MONDAY ONDAY ONDA marked a sombre anniversary: 100 years ago, the Passenger Pigeon went extinct.
This part of Appalachia was still a major part of a great migratory flyway, one that had been used by all manner of birds since a time long before the passenger pigeon had disappeared into the mists of extinction.
Joel Greenberg has written A Feathered River Across the Sky about the disappearance of the passenger pigeon (16).
The worst-case scenario goes something like this: A disaster hits the United States, society splinters into lawless tribes, and morality goes the way of the passenger pigeon.
Scientists are busy trying to revive the passenger pigeon, the European auroch, and the Pyrenean ibex.
Washington, July 9 ( ANI ): Passenger pigeon, which was once among the most abundant birds in North America, is now extinct because of hunting and habitat destruction but scientists are planning to bring it to life.
Since findings had been published, CVRL had had numerous approaches from scientists around the world, including America where scientists had access to the frozen carcasses of the extinct Passenger Pigeon, which is believed to have died out in 1914.
The group is creating a movement around de-extinction, and is taking the lead on efforts to bring back the passenger pigeon while helping out on other ongoing efforts to restore other extinct species including European aurochs, Pyrenean ibexes, American chestnut trees, Tasmanian tigers, California condors, even wooly mammoths.
Scientists could potentially resurrect extinct animals like the Xerces Blue butterfly, the Great Auk, the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth 6 but would that actually be a good idea?
It's difficult to fathom, but the company Samuel Colt founded was--literally--on the verge of going the way of the passenger pigeon.