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a decoration or adornment on a garment

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Spina decorative crystal lighting, bespoke tassels and passementerie are available in the Middle East through a collaboration with Blanchard FZ.
To go with the heavy duty footwear she showed mostly mini dresses in silk crepe, with passementerie embroidery alongside bikers' studs, and 1920s flappers fringed frocks.
The collection ends on a graphic note; architectural jackets and coats in cream wool are trimmed with passementerie and stamped with bold geometric shapes.
Black was elegant and when embellished with ornate self-coloured embroidery, guards, slashing and passementerie it was far from understated'.
When she was left off the Mommy was dealing with her outstanding success achievements in the field of passementerie and telling how with youthful folly, alone in the world at the death of her sweet sweet mother, she threw away a wonderful little position with Tarshis and Meltzer where she did only only French knots to work for her Cousin Phillie though she knew, and how and how she knew, his momzer character and terrible ways covered already in Book Three, Cousin Phillie: His Momzer Character and Terrible Ways .
Cassidy's gift for mixing color, pattern and texture to ultimate advantage is realized in the strawberry-color French accent chairs and the luxurious yellow silk draperies with passementerie by Scalamandre.
Finally, there is passementerie, the proper term for fringes, tassels, cords and other such decorative trimmings.
Pockets of decorative touches, including elegant fringe treatments and other passementerie, are sprinkled among the casual presentations.
Annabel said: 'I wanted to bring VV Rouleaux to Scotland to show people the wonderful possibilities of passementerie.
That reverse deollete, a passementerie of jewels curving under each breast like Baroque scrollwork, leaves the bosom naked (actually, sheathed in nude fabric).
They have consistently provided the design trade with an extraordinary selection of fine wovens and printed textiles, passementerie, wall-coverings, carpets, and upholstered furniture.
And also specialist passementerie including silk fringing, tassel hangers to match existing furniture.
The beads were usually onto fine fabrics such chiffon and georgette, often create lengths of trimming passementerie, as here, were then applied to garments.
Today, he oversees more than 300 new fabric, wallpaper and passementerie product introductions annually.