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in walking position with right foreleg raised

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With the national championship hanging by a thread Harry Holmes held his nerve to make it 5-4 to Merseyside, before Passant saved again to send his team and supporters into raptures.
La balance commerciale entre le Maroc et le Senegal s'est affichee excedentaire durant 2012 au profit du Royaume, en passant d'environ 894 MDH en 2011 a pres de 2,07 MMDH en 2012, soit une amelioration de 132,12 pc, selon les chiffres du departement du Commerce exterieur.
Last week the Sunday Mercury reported how the former Bridgnorth fire chief collected more than 2,000 signatures calling for an ambulance to be permanently based in the town after his grandson Thomas Passant was left struggling to breathe and turned blue while waiting for one.
Des cheques de divers pays "L'honnete passant qui a trouve cette precieuse enveloppe contenant 507 cheques s'est conforme a la loi et l'a remise a la police, oE leur proprietaire pourra la recuperer", a indique par communique la Western Wall Heritage Foundation, institution israelienne en charge du Mur des Lamentations.
Passant is a post-doctoral researcher at the National University of Ireland at Galway.
Silver-plated wares often carry pseudo-hallmarks and if you watch antiques shows on TV you'll be used to hearing the experts banging on about the lion passant mark signifying sterling silver.
Passant emigrated 30 years ago and sees a game a year, but he has decided to miss Mansfield's game against Grimsby to register his ire with owner Keith Haslam.
The management buyout by Kerry Finnon and Derek Passant will secure the continuity of the 93 yearold Shropshire-based company, which is one of Britain's biggest privately owned businesses.
He was Michael Brian Passant, 43, who came from the Kitts Green area of Birmingham.
Newent Mayor Fred Passant said the ducks' diet of bread was causing a deterioration in the water quality and encouraging rats.
En effet les resultats des produits non frits a base de pommes de terre ont plus que double en passant de 35000 a 75700 tonnes pour le premier trimestre 2003, et connaissaient une hausse en passant de 141400 a 227100 sur 12 mois (les exportations augmenterent de 92400 a 99000).
This emotionless proximity of closely pressed bodies is a theater of clothed and unclothed body parts whose lead roles are played unwittingly by people en passant.
Passant des bandes d'acier aux services Internet a large bande et a haute vitesse, le Canada commerce a se servir des technologies habilitantes pour stimuler l'innovation, ameliorant ainsi l'acces a de nouveaux services communautaires et de sante, a l'apprentissage et a l'information ainsi qu'aux possibilities d'affaires.
As a devoted platonic Christian-Humanist, Ficino was determined to show the "truth" or rightness of the cultural alliance and progression that could be envisioned in the unity of Christianity-Platonism-Humanism: "[Ficin] se considere comme ayant recu la mission providentielle de faire revivre la 'Prisca Theologia' qui de Zoroastre Pythagore et a Platon, en passant par Hermes Trismegiste, revele les elements de ce qui va etre la religion chretienne.
Gary Kasparov is playing a game against ``the world'' - at least those citizens of the world who know that Ruy Lopez is the name of a chess opening, not a Braves shortstop, that the Sicilian is a defense, not a pizza, and that en passant describes a kind of pawn capture, not a French pick-up line.