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All roads in Qatana are passable except the road of Henah- Erneh, Durbul, Ein al-Sha'ra Kurbet al-Souda, and the road of al-Rimeh Bqa'sam -Erneh are closed for traffic due to the accumulation of snow.
All roads around the city of Burgas are passable, so is the main road Burgas-Sofia.
But much can be done to make these roads safer and passable for the one million drivers on our roads.
Sitting In A Bar is passable with good vocals, but scratch the surface and there''s nothing there - and that''s the whole trouble with this album.
Fleets of snow ploughs and gritting wagons worked flat out to keep routes passable in Northumberland, County Durham and Cumbria as up to six inches of snow fell on high ground over several hours.
The A4068 in Caerphilly was blocked due to flooding, while the A4048 in Ynysddu was described as "just passable both ways at the Alexandra Road junction".
Some tracks, though, like the standard-issue ``Love Story'' and ``Over It'' are passable confections, but most others are just heaping spoonfuls of frozen treacle.
The writing is passable, so those readers who want this kind of tale will experience a familiar and comfortable read.
Gritters were out last night and early today and Cleveland Police reported all roads passable with care.
Cape Farewell is a series of expeditions into the Arctic, through a previously icebound but now passable route.
Slight and silly, this tries hard to have a heart and, while it may not always convince, all concerned do a passable job.
In Catriona Shaw, a passable vocalist interprets Madonna's famous song "Like a Virgin," but with altered lyrics: excerpts from Sol Le Witt's "Sentences on Conceptual Art" (1969)--which had already been sung by John Baldessari in 1978.
Her rendition of Summertime is passable, but when she tries to go more contemporary with the Four Tops classic of the title, it all goes wrong.
Felicity Finch - best known as Ruth in The Archers - has also done some pretty passable documentary work for Radio 4 in the past year or so.
The A95 Dufftown to Huntly road was passable, but particularly badly hit by high winds and drifting snow.