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The Internet has made it easier for kids to find portions of written work to pass off as their own.
But the small protest failed to impact on the carnival atmosphere as shoppers stopped to watch the parade pass off with colourful floats, costumes and music.
The AA have noticed a sharp increase in the number of vendors trying to pass off mundane models as their sporty superiors.
The reader might shrug and pass off some of the early practices as exaggerated or fanciful, if the author were not so dogged and thorough in his presentation.
If your revenue stream can support one or more staff members, it's probably time to pass off tasks to someone else.
It's a shame these activists feel it necessary to cloak their beliefs and intentions, but it's worse when they try to pass off their religious doctrines as science and call for lessons about religious concepts in public school classrooms.
Both Microsoft and Perdue "contractors" recently argued successfully that they were really regular employees their companies tried to pass off as independent contractors just to avoid providing benefits, stock options or overtime pay.
More than 60 per cent of the population regularly pass off a shop-bought cake as "something they made earlier" according to a recent survey.
Smaller "sneaker" males frequently cut in and pass off sperm to paired females; some females also carry sperm from earlier, offshore matings.
Ishiuchi's photographs also communicate the isolation--which the artist tries to pass off as individuality--of her subjects.
As a group who themselves have attempted to pass off mythology as science, they can readily identify rivals who are attempting, even if unconsciously, the same substitution.
It was chosen most often when moms were asked which part of diapering they wish they could pass off.