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a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

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The anti-papal tone of the renaissance and baroque pasquinade is here subverted by a satirical image targeting a supposedly 'secular' form of authority (the American presidency), which has, through its use of crusading language, appropriated the moral authority of the catholic church, while ignoring the Pope's own opposition to war in Iraq.
The conference, the first annual Investors' Pasquinade, will be held May 5, 6, and 7, at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.
The 1525 comedy still has the qualities that define a pasquinade.
We learn, for instance, that Emy Huefler was the last to see D'Annunzio alive, and, although no conclusions are drawn, (21) her departure for a post with Ribbentrop is documented, alongside notes on the poet's aversion to Hitler, evidenced in his famous pasquinade against the German dictator (pp.
An example of this is when the author makes much of the problems involved in finding the original manuscript version of D'Annunzio pasquinade against Hitler (in fact written on the colophon of his Scartazzini edition of Dante), but the verses were originally published as an appendix to his Versi d'amore e di gloria, and their manuscript origins were known to at least three scholars who published the autograph version with their own comments between 1947 and 1967.
Uno es el Decimo Desfile Anual de "La Gran Enchilada" (a partir del medio dia, por el Bulevar Seawall, de la Calles 14 hasta la 59), el "Desfile Z (comenzara a la una de la tarde en el Ship's Mechanic Row hasta el Museo del Ferrocarril), el Pinstripe Pasquinade (a partir de las dos de la tarde, a traves del y Ship's Mechanic Row), el "El Rey Gambrino ilumina la noche con La Fiesta del Mundo" (a partir de las seis y media de la tarde, por el Bulevar Seawall, de la Calle 12 a la 59) y el "Paseo por la Calle Post office" (desde las seis de la tarde por la Calle Postoffice, a partir de la Calle 20 y hasta la 23).
Edighoffer, 1981, 225, suspects that the Fama and Confessio - just as the pasquinade and the Turbo - were collaborative efforts by Andreae, Hess, Holzel, Bidenbach, and Besold.
Joanna Norman analyzes the Catholic Church's effort to improve the Eternal City by perfecting Piazza del Popolo with the obelisk and Piazza Navona as a center for lavish parades, pasquinades, performances, and other public ceremonies (the Pamphili's "colonization" of space).
In some instances, contributors have revisited the writings of very well-known figures, while in other cases they have shed light on lesser-known writers as well as anonymous pronouncements such as the Pasquinades, private testimonials such as the personal letters of World War I soldiers, and choral voices such as the protest songs of female rice-workers, the mondine.
The comedies discussed here are works that are highly self-referential; the deeds and successes of Aretino recalled for his audience include the notorious Pasquinades and the statue of Pasquino in Rome with which they were associated.
The often-hostile reception of Urban VIII was exemplified in the Pasquinades and propaganda against him despite his great patronage of the arts and in part because of his nepotism and much-criticized conduct in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648).
D'une part, l'essor de la variante juvenalienne a ce moment precis s'inspire sans doute des pasquinades et capitoli bernesques italiens, mettant en scene un << rire d'origine carnavalesque >> a fort << sousentendu scabreux (17).
Especially innovative are the chapters, "The City," on the transmission of information in Venice, and "Communicative Transactions," which compares different forms of communication, from official publications to the political gossip in barbershops and pharmacies and the posting of anonymous pasquinades.
and the other a statement from Crocker's New Whig Guide: 'Political Pasquinades and Political Caricatures are parts (though humble ones) of Political history.
The literal "blissful obliteration" in marriage on Purilia is the culmination of Rice's witty pasquinades upon Hollywood's simultaneous representation and suppression of human sexuality (the Purilians have no genitals).