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tall tufted perennial tropical American grass naturalized as pasture and forage grass in southern United States

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The soil amendments of the dredge spoil (acid sulphate) with poultry waste or red mangrove wood ash or a combination of both appeared to nullify the toxicity of the soil to Paspalum vaginatum and improved not only the vine length, net primary production and standing crop but also the health of the plant through conferement of tolerance to the abiotitic diseases of the plant.
ruziziensis, Panicum maximum y Paspalum notatum, presentan una menor reduccion en su contenido de proteina a lo largo del periodo de crecimiento.
El cubrimiento rapido de la playa por Paspalum fasciculatum y Paspalum sp.
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to: (i) evaluate responses of seashore paspalum to reduced light intensity and to identify the most tolerant entries; (ii) compare low light responses between paspalum entries and hybrid bermudagrass cultivars.
Several studies have highlighted that species of the genus Paspalum, being native, have advantages over exotic plants and high inter- and intraspecific variabilities in forage characteristics (REIS et al.
This inventory allowed recording considerable diversity in plant species, Paspalum distichum is the most abundant species.
Dado el tiempo disponible, los generos mas numerosos como Poa, Calamagrostis, Festuca y Paspalum no han podido ser exhaustivamente estudiados y probablemente puedan incluir un numero mayor de especies de las que aqui se asigna.
Woods used to be a strong advocate of using paspalum (foreign grass) but has now changed his stance.
filtrexx siltsoxx (12-30~ sections), sod - seaside paspalum, hydroseeding, upland planting, wetland planting.
Two new species of Paspalum (Paniceae: Panicoideae: Poaceae), a preliminary checklist of the genus in Mexico, and the identity of P.
Louis and the University of Georgia to develop methods to study salt tolerance in seashore paspalum through the United States Golf Association, USGA, Turfgrass and Environmental Research Program.
Bahiagrass, 'Forquilha' grass, 'Sao Sebastiao' grass, 'Pensacola' grass and 'Cuiabano' grass are some of the common names by which the species Paspalum notatum Flugge is regionally known.
Here the narrator tells how she learnt a plant name, Paspalum urvillei, from an old man who had moved to Japan just as the plant "came fifty years ago to the riverbanks of Japan":