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a ballroom dance in fast duple time

music in march time composed for dancing the paso doble

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Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold (#TeamFishUponAStar): Jordan and Lindsay will try to reclaim the top spot again with a Paso Doble to "Animals" by Martin Garrix.
She added: "From a Latin American background watching the control that this man had in his paso doble, his shapes, just even the way he placed his fingers, not making a mistake.
The 32-year-old wowed the crowd, as she took to the air on a BMX during a paso doble routine to Queen's song 'Bicycle Race' on the BBC show.
Her pro partner Artem Chigvintsev won the series with Kara Tointon last year and while they are tackling the paso doble which should suit her stature, the best mark for a paso in the series is just 31 - the lowest of all the main disciplines.
Meanwhile, astrologer Russell Grant was toughening himself up and endeavouring to become more macho for his Paso Doble by visiting a rugby club.
The BBC said: "Robbie danced a paso doble to Michael Jackson's Bad on Saturday's show and the choreography emulated some of Michael (Jackson's) most famous dance moves.
Tango e Paso Doble for horn, tuba, and piano by Jean-Francois Leze.
Her paso doble resembled a desperate man dragging around a sack of Maris Pipers.
Her Paso Doble on Saturday night's show earnt a standing ovation but only 16 points from the judges.
En este trabajo de Yanni, considerado el artista instrumental contemporaneo de mayor exito, se incluyen grandes canciones con el estilo propio de Yanni e incluyendo sonido de mariachi y con un repertorio que va de rancheras a sones jaliscienses, de paso doble y huapangos a valses.
But Nash, whose paso doble on Monday failed to match her Viennese waltz, said she was happy to have come this far.
After watching him dance the paso doble in week six, Goodman said: "After all that marching, Sergeant, you should be demoted to a private.
A typical show mingles different styles of movement and music, like paso doble, Jimi Hendrix tributes, modern dance, ballet, and the good old-fashioned striptease.
Choreographer Josef Nadj and sculptor Miquel Barcelo frolic through 10 tons of wet clay in the French/Spanish collaboration Paso Doble.