pas de trois

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(ballet) a dance for three people

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Ashley Bouder tears through an incredible array of intricate petit batterie, and is the girl in the middle of a risky pas de trois in which Joaquin De Luz and Gonzalo Garcia toss her back and forth like a football.
Yet there is certainly no acting in it--yeah, the guy leading the Bolender-Villella pas de trois is perhap called upon to look a bit cheery in a Renaissanceminstrel fashion, but that's it.
He originated Phlegmatic in Four Temperaments, the male role in the first Pas de Trois in Agon, and the Fox in the childlike farce Renard.
There they filmed SFB principals in the pas de trois from Nijinska's Les Biches, of which we are permitted an agonizingly brief snippet.
In the pas de trois of Swan Lake, his soaring leaps showed his open-heartedness.
To keep the story moving, he replaced the pas de trois with an introduction to four princesses from different lands, whom the Queen Mother presents as possible brides for Siegfried.
And I did it all, from the Cavalier in The Nutcracker to the pas de trois in Swan Lake.
In one pas de trois Dupont soars airborne in arabesque, her back leg high like an elegant bird tail.
That care showed richly in Monotones I and II, a supreme distillation of Ashton's style in the form of two pas de trois to Erik Satie's haunting score.
The first cast in the Petipa pas de trois included an apprentice, Jermel Johnson, of considerable emerging but as yet immature talent.
Possokhov mixes classical choreography with Russian folk dance motifs, adding a pas de trois for the Firebird, the Princess, and Ivan that changes the title character's motivation for helping Ivan kill Kaschei from bargaining for her freedom to illogical love for the loutish young man.