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(ballet) a dance for four people

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Of the two performances of Pas de Quatre, the American version, featuring Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye, and Mia Slavenska, is starrier, but the all-Cuban rendering is more integrated.
Besides Smith, three other men--Bernard Martin, Jason Shipley-Holmes, and Keir Knight--soar in a pas de quatre reminiscent of West Side Story's rumble: Falling backbends, Mt.
Resident choreographer Christopher Wheeldon easily took the premiere honors with Morphoses, a suitably dark, spare, and distinctive pas de quatre to Gyorgy Ligeti's String Quartet No.
the program, which also included the pas de quatre from Sleeping
Taylor had done a similar job on Martha Graham in the pas de quatre plus chair, set to "Some Jazz Blues," in Oh, You Kid
Dubbed Aloha Changgo Nori, the bravura pas de quatre featured four seasoned female percussionist dynamos in Hawaiian print vests and head leis, pounding out a suite of show-stopping rhythms on the hourglass changgo and the four basic hula instruments--ipu (gourd), kalala'au (poles), pu'ili (split bamboo) and 'uli 'uli (stone castanets).
Slutty" would hardly be too strong a word for Pas de Quatre et Pas de Sixe, the finale of Diablo's debut performance at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center.
Brown belatedly brought up the rear when a pas de quatre was needed.
Actually, if my fifty-year-old memories serve, this new-old Kirov staging seems very close to that 1948 Inglesby production, which used a great deal discarded, or adapted, by other versions, such as a full set of divertissements for the wedding scene, the original Garland Dance, the Jewel pas de quatre, and even such details as a much-simplified dance in the prologue for four rather than six cavaliers and the dance for the pages in the birthday scene.
Other stagings have made that Peasant Pas de Deux into a pas de quatre, notably Peter Wright's various versions for Britain's Royal Ballet.
In The Sleeping Beauty (1890) Prince Desire had only variation, in Act III; in The Nutcracker (1892), the elaborate costume for Prince Coqueluche ("Darling") hindered his movements; and in Swan Lake (1895) what we now know as the Black Swan Pas de Deux was then a pas de quatre, with no variation for Siegfried.
An especially charming one involves the four Followers, each in a slightly different pose, forming a bucolic pas de quatre around the Revivalist.
The new entity--the "Romantic Ballet Night"--consisted of Michel Fokine's Chopiniana (Les Sylphides) in an imposing but tortuously careful and slow rendition, Anton Dolin's Pas de Quatre with irony and charm in fine balance, and The Spirit Ball by company director Dmitry Bryantsev.