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Synonyms for parvenu

a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

characteristic of someone who has risen economically or socially but lacks the social skills appropriate for this new position

of or characteristic of a parvenu


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Critique: Exceptionally well written and deftly crafted, "Cruising with Kate: A Parvenu in Xanadu" documents author Bernard F.
Sur corner, le defenseur espagnol, un temps incertain, est parvenu a devancer le [beaucoup moins que]vieux[beaucoup plus grand que] Mario Yepes (bientot 39 ans) pour catapulter le ballon de la tete dans le but (37e).
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Aseptic 9 Union 10 Colin 11 Utopian 12 Duo 13 Cockatoo 16 Houseman 17 Ice 19 Parvenu 21 Nasal 22 Eclat 23 Engross.
Dans une declaration de presse, le ministre du Petrole, Ingenieur Makawi Mohammed Awad a annonce a la suite de sa rencontre avec le president de la Republique a la maison d'hote qu'ils ont parvenu a des solutions de traiter la question de l'electricite de la ville d'Al Foula.
Ahmidouch, le Royaume integre l'instance dirigeante de l'AISS, selon un communique parvenu lundi a la MAP.
To my knowledge, being a pompous upper class parvenu is still not a crime in the UK.
It would not surprise me if much of the criticism being levelled at NR is motivated by old-school snobbery that views it as a provincial parvenu with ideas above its station.
And he was prone to extended sighing about the good old days, when Fred Astaire danced with his sister Adele, not that Tinseltown parvenu Ginger Rogers.
Although Tillmans is one whose fashion and artistic work is hard to differentiate, despite himself, he reveals the anxiety of the parvenu, conscious of lingering caste distinctions.
For Mary Lincoln, viewed by capital insiders as a parvenu outsider from the hinterlands out west, securing Madame Keckly's services was the social equivalent of joining the right club," Fleischner writes.
From NFL parvenu Kurt Warner to the long-suffering Bruce Matthews, this Super Bowl promises to deliver the league from every evil that assailed it this season.
Philip Sassoon is savaged by Chips Channon, himself more parvenu than his victim.
Buckingham is played as a species of spin-doctor by Joshua Richards, and Sarah Parks gives a good, gritty performance as Elizabeth, the vulgar, parvenu queen.
On Fifth Avenue, at 60th Street, is the Metropolitan Club, Stanford's magnificent monument to the egos of parvenu businessmen.
Dorf Goes Fishing" is jointly produced by Fish'n Hole Partners and Chuck Barbage of Parvenu and distributed by Victory Audio Video Services Inc.