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someone who is attending a party

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Every other turn, the attack of the weapon goes up, buffing the Partygoers and making the game much harder.
PARTYGOERS are engulfed in flames as a fireball rips through a water park.
The partygoer also revealed that Biel didn't accompany her husband to the show's rehearsals.
But he was stunned to see partygoers protecting their modesty with tiny towels and an orgy in full swing.
Injury at the dance party is likely to result from risk taking in the partygoer.
The new issue of Capitol File blurbs photos of partygoers with the tired line about D.
One of the partygoers told the publication that everyone was dancing, when the music suddenly stopped.
Carie Burns, 21, was attacked after an argument with a fellow partygoer in Consett, Co Durham early on Friday morning.
However, one partygoer said the victim was followed upstairs by his killer.
One partygoer who gladly stripped off his trousers at the threat of 100-dollar entry said of having to remove his strides: "It's excellent.
One partygoer said: "Everyone is really looking forward to it.
They snuck in the back of the party and were wearing normal clothes, but grabbed masks from a photo booth and put them on [seemingly] so people wouldn't recognize them," People magazine quoted a partygoer as saying.
One partygoer said: "I couldn't believe it when the bouncers grabbed him.
Prolific partygoer and general man-about-town Christopher Ciccone is a hard man to pigeonhole.
Ben waggled his crown jewels at everyone," the Sun quoted the partygoer as saying.