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devotion to a political party

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Eventbrite's Marino Fresch said: "Businesses are back in the party spirit and expectations are rising fast, as companies look set to lay on more exciting and experiential parties for staff this year.
THE launch party for Coast in Liverpool One attracted some famous faces from Hollyoaks - and one in particular who was keen to get in the party spirit.
In order to keep the party spirit strong among its customers, party supplies company Perfect Party UK is urging people to visit its January sale.
PORTVALE 2 YORKCITY 2 JAMIE Reed's late equaliser dampened the party spirit after a statue of Vale legend Roy Sproson was unveiled outside the ground before kick-off.
The party spirit was certainly all over the North East and watching the Jubilee concert on Sunday was absolutely brilliant and the icing on the cake.
The event begins at 11am and includes tennis clinics, mini tennis competitions with prizes, games with inflatables, tennis 'freestyle' sessions, face painting, a BBQ and live music to keep everyone in the party spirit.
Perhaps the most exciting addition to the line-up is Strictly judge Alesha Dixon, who certainly got into the party spirit when she recently appeared on Chatty Man - maybe that was just a warm up.
DBC Foodservice is helping its customers get into the party spirit with a Food for Celebrations range.
Summary: Prince Harry was in the party spirit in Croatia at the weekend where he spent the night dancing and jumped into a nightclub swimming pool.
The news of Sami's arrival in town kindled the party spirit of people in Muscat and the night turned out to be one of the crowded ones.
It's true that the famous Glasgow party spirit wasn't out in force at this show, but then Big Deal aren't exactly the kind of band you mosh to.
Executive director Nick LaPorta welcomed guests with opening remarks and ABO's camaraderie and cheerful party spirit were evident as members exchanged stories about their summers in the casual outdoor atmosphere.
Staff across both airports will join the rest of the UAE in preparing for the celebrations and will be on hand, on Tuesday and Wednesday, to help drum up a party spirit in all the airport terminals where traditional Arabic music, decorations, flags and banners will be on display.
Hilton's encounter with a pair of steel cuffs (``not the pink, fuzzy kind,'' as Jay Leno quipped Thursday night on his show) did little to dampen her party spirit.