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a member of a political party who follows strictly the party line

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NOT being a (political) party man, I can consider, without prejudice, Labour's proposal to encourage our Scottish neighbours to come south and spend.
Election newsbill was 'a prank' AN election row broke out in Teesside when Coulby Newham newsagent Neil McLoughlin, a Social Democratic Party man was accused by Labour party officials of breaking the rules.
It would increase the morale of candidates and increase their chance of winning, said a party man.
The Green party man claims other patients were facing cut-backs and so should men with erectile dysfunction.
International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, also UMNO vice president, is the most senior party man to call for Abdullah to rethink his retirement strategy.
Those who knew Haydn Holmes always remember him as a traditional Labour Party man of the old school.
CREAMFIELDS is almost upon us and you can bet your wellies that one of the stars of this year's show will be party man Erick Morillo.
senator, John Warner, is a GOP version of Kerry: well-born, courtly, hardworking, a party man but with an independent streak, and a decorated Navy veteran.
Forced to face his humiliating fall from youth pastor to college party man, Jeremy discovers that he isn't the only one hiding a dark secret - or in need of mercy and forgiveness.
Desai has been a loyal party man since its inception and has worked with Anna Hazare during the Jan Lokpal movement.
The most successful shop steward ever to come out of Glasgow, a big Labour Party man and trade unionist retires at the very top of his game with a record 13th Premiership title in the Manchester United trophy cabinet.
The Government promised to end the war on motorists but that pledge has gone the way of so many of their others," said the United Kingdom Independence Party man.
Karachi -- The ongoing target-killing spree claimed another life on Wednesday as a political party man was shot dead in Orangi town area, officials said.
The Respect Party man did not "play the Muslim card" as Labour ludicrously claimed.