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the policy of a political group

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a telephone line serving two or more subscribers

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So I am wondering if D Smith is getting mixed up with party lines but, of course, I do acknowledge it was possible to get a crossed line in the distant past.
For more information about Betty and Party Line Publishing, please visit www.
They should be taken for what they are: the public school system's party line, not valid empirical research.
Walsall Council's controlling Tory group has reprieved three rebels whose defiance of the party line threatened the Tories' grip on power.
Instead of leaving an Xer to figure out independently if you're serious about an issue or merely taking the party line, explain what will happen if something isn't discussed fully.
The revelations will heap further embarrassment on the Scottish Executive after two MSPs split from the party line on drugs last week.
The New York Times reported, "It was a sign of the Democratic Party's move to center on fiscal issues that his critique was an isolated one and that the official party line of the day was that Democrats stood for a smaller, smarter government.
Entries on Soviet ballet, incidentally, strangely reflect the Soviet-era party line and overlook the influence of Makarova's and Nureyev's staging of ballets in the West.
And the web of interconnected computer networks became a kind of international party line, carrying rumors, speculations and other provocative tidbits.
In the House, Republicans vote the party line 88 percent of the time; Democrats 86 percent.
They were quick to use thought-control and behavior-modification techniques on their hapless subjects and to deem "mentally ill" anyone who opposed the party line.
I am not a one-issue Democrat who would shun common sense for the party line, but Andrew Sullivan's column "The Deal-Breaker" [Against the Current, May 11] shows his lack of understanding when it comes to Democrats and their values.
Harris' work may toe a certain party line (the interrogation of identity, the deconstruction of gender, class, and ethnicity, etc.