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the policy of a political group

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a telephone line serving two or more subscribers

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Some insiders still believe that a good number of party MPAs in the Punjab Assembly who are no more interested in staying part of the PML-N could defect, and cast vote against party line, which may result in loss of one or two general seats.
When I was a young lad living with my parents direct lines were a scarcity and in great demand, so they had to make do with a party line, which I am guessing was cheaper to share.
Charlie Johnston, son of Mark Johnston, trainer of Party Line and Scatter Dice "Party Line is very unlikely to run as she had a really tough race on Wednesday and she probably deserves a rest.
But they will be forced to support the party line or face being booted out.
He also criticized the move of disarming the UCPN-M's People Liberation Army, terming the move as going against the party line.
Candidates in all layers of council or government will be forced to up their game, working much harder for the electorate, perhaps questioning the party line and opting out of the whip.
But he will still be obliged to act in accordance with the party line and pay DPJ membership fees.
The minister anticipated that the one party line cabinet would exclude Hariri loyalists, Tripoli MPs and President Sleiman' s nominees concluding therefore that a one party cabinet would be the only feasible candidate.
It ascertains the public schools' party line and then broadcasts it as fact.
The California Teachers Association, which backs Krekorian and apparently won't even tolerate unwitting dissent from its party line, went ballistic.
The senator's desperate attempt to get right with the GOP base is sad to watch for those who found him personally engaging and admired his heroism in Vietnam and his occasional declarations of independence from the Republican Party line.
1955) was passed by the committee on a party line vote.
I say this, for I always receive the party line, "We cannot do anything there for there is no bishop present.
The culinary couple, Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, were awarded their own Food Network series, Party Line With Steve and Dan, which premiered in fall 2005.
Manhattan's Cendant-owned firms this week followed the party line on plans to split the vast conglomerate into four separate companies.