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an attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men

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Party Girl Gang: For the strong independent women who know how to let their hair down after a hard day's work or just know how to best celebrate life.
Sick of tabloids grasping at straws to portray me as some sort of "wild party girl sex fiend" when I live a very normal existence," the Daily Mail quoted her as writing on Twitter.
A show insider said: "Michelle was able to find out what damage she was doing to herself in her party girl past and discover the line between being a social drinker and a binge drinker.
The party girl, Sarah Blunston, went outside, and together with her mother Dawn Blunston challenged Ravenhall who pushed both of them to the floor causing cuts and grazes.
And in the April issue of Thrasher, the only pictures I saw of women were of one blonde party girl hanging on Billy Marks' arm and an ad of some naked chick for Hubba wheels.
Here, actress and party girl Tara Reid has shimmied into a most unflattering pair of brick red gumboots for the V Festival in Chelmsford and teamed it, bizarrely, with a light-as-air summer frock.
Set in Prohibition era Chicago, Party Girl is a gangster film that is centred, uncharacteristically for the genre, on a love relationship.
Ardent party girl Deborah Kara Unger was on hand to introduce Carl Bessai's Emile, in which she plays Sir Ian McKellen's niece, and Alex Rice came to town to support Nathaniel Geary's On the Corner, a gripping drama set in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
will be reviving the popular Party Girl kits in its Sally Hansen nail care line.
As party mania sets in, Vladivar Vodka, the ultimate party vodka, has teamed up with Donna Air, the ultimate party girl, to bring you the Vladivar rules - the indispensable code for women in the know and we have 20 Donna Air Xmas Packs up for grabs.
Rihanna's known for being a party girl but - for once - she wasn't the star attraction at her latest bash.
Carol Vorderman and Sally Lindsay met party girl Denise, 53, for lunch at London showbiz haunt Scott's at about 2.
Pal plays great supporting role as tiredness kicks in Party girl Denise gets close to a young reveller at bar Chloe can't bear to look as snappers get a flash Telly star Richard's tweet proves day out was an epic New girls Sally and Carol look giggly Young Chloe is a sight for sore eyes
The 23-year-old star also hit back at critics for labelling her as a party girl.