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a game to amuse guests at a party

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It quickly become apparent to all, the use of Paper Eskimo paper party products was changing the party game.
The party game kits contain 30 12" balloons, 30 balloon clips, 25 printed questions with five blanks for the host to create additional questions, and a pearl-tipped pin for popping.
Showdown is a celebration of the "extreme" side of off-road racing, which means replacing Colin McRae's pin-perfect corners with party games and intrusive in-your-face interface.
To have won the award for Best Party Game a second time is unbelievable," said Richard.
Of course all of this is not to say Raving Rabbids is necessarily a bad game, indeed it is probably one of the better party games on Kinect, but considering the lacklustre competition that is hardly a glowing endorsement.
With only one sport, Sega has been busy providing eight party games which are loosely based around tennis.
para]]Card version of popular party game unleashes awkward anecdotes across the nation[[/para]]
It provides numerous forms of entertainment and newest releases, and Rolling Games Mania is dedicated to provide video gaming enjoyment at any place, through their party game truck.
That said this is a great fun party game that is neatly designed, is fun to play and is challenging.
THE latest England rugby union party game came to an end yesterday.
PARTY game time with a rerun of the highly successful 2001 game from Microsoft.
The latest electronic short-cut to family fun is The Pop Party Game, an interactive DVD that gives you the chance to stage your own virtual concert.
New and only available at your local Starbucks is the party game Hear Me Out
He revealed at the launch of Wii party game Just Dance: "I was alluding to the fact that their hair looks like pineapples.
You could even make a party game of drawing a card and making whichever mixture is on the card.