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a game to amuse guests at a party

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Children enjoyed traditional party games and face painting at the event
Check out the party game for filthy minds yourself at filthymime.
Showdown is a celebration of the "extreme" side of off-road racing, which means replacing Colin McRae's pin-perfect corners with party games and intrusive in-your-face interface.
To have won the award for Best Party Game a second time is unbelievable," said Richard.
Of course all of this is not to say Raving Rabbids is necessarily a bad game, indeed it is probably one of the better party games on Kinect, but considering the lacklustre competition that is hardly a glowing endorsement.
While watching this chemo party trend grow, the idea for the game came to me because, as it turns out, I have a good friend in the party game business.
That said this is a great fun party game that is neatly designed, is fun to play and is challenging.
THE latest England rugby union party game came to an end yesterday.
However, there is a minimum age limit of seven, due to one party game involving smashing zombies.
PARTY game time with a rerun of the highly successful 2001 game from Microsoft.
New and only available at your local Starbucks is the party game Hear Me Out
A few years later, the party game worked the same way again for another friend
He revealed at the launch of Wii party game Just Dance: "I was alluding to the fact that their hair looks like pineapples.
The latest electronic short-cut to family fun is The Pop Party Game, an interactive DVD that gives you the chance to stage your own virtual concert.
You could even make a party game of drawing a card and making whichever mixture is on the card.