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involving less than the standard or customary time for an activity


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She added: "I hope more organisations, large and small, will be encouraged to think about the opportunities that parttime roles bring for their businesses, and the wider economy.
If we don't create better jobs and increase wages for parttime staff across Wales then women will continue to bear the brunt of inwork poverty.
Harbinder Gill, 44, a parttime solicitor, added: "I live opposite the school and leave work at 3pm to collect my children at 3.
The report highlights some of the many banana skins which can befall parttime operators.
Information released showed there are 679 parttime staff in Dunnes Stores, 306 in An Post, 284 in Tesco and 279 working casually for fashion retailer Next.
JOHN FERGUSON'S new parttime role as a permit-holder got off to the best possible start at Sunday's Waveney Harriers pointto-point meeting at Higham, Suffolk, when his first runner, Lotta Presents, defeated 15 others to win the restricted race under James Owen, writes Nancy Sexton.
Women are far more likely than men to work parttime and choose specialties where they have "set" hours, according to the study, carried out by the Royal College of Physicians.
All the girls, except Kimberley, have returned to parttime education at the town's Coedcae Comprehensive School and are still receiving treatment for their burns.
Highlights feature the following: among basic law enforcement academy classes that completed training during 2002, an estimated 61,354 recruits started training and 53,302 (or 87 percent) successfully completed or graduated from the program; in 2002, academies employed about 12,200 full-time and 25,700 parttime trainers or instructors; and the total expenditures of training academies during fiscal 2002 was an estimated $725.
National Education Association statistics reveal that parttime faculty now exceed 43 percent of all U.
His route running is much advanced from where it was last fall when we put him in there on a parttime basis.
Among RIT's 13,000 full- and parttime students are nearly 1,100 college-age deaf students.
The employer must make the existing positions accessible and may use: a) job restructuring, b)job reassignment, c) parttime or modified schedules, d) unpaid leave, e) modification of equipment, f) qualified readers or interpreter, g) reassignment of qualified persons to another job if they become disabled and, finally, h) appropriate modification of hiring procedures.
Greg has to give himself credit for how he's taken to the top flight after coming from parttime football.
e plans are still at an early stage although Aldi - one of the fastest growing retailers in the country - has revealed that the car dealerships would be demolished to make way for the supermarket, which they say will create up to 40 full and parttime jobs.