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a song with two or more voice parts

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Eleven of the pieces are Latin motets, and the other six are anthems or sacred partsongs with English texts.
Not all of these pieces by Tallis likely had a liturgical use-certainly not the partsong Purge me, O Lord, which has an unidentified nonliturgical text.
That applied to this whole evening of French song: I Fagiolini are a virtuoso outfit, and they found endless subtleties of tone and verbal colouring in a pair of sensual, surrealist song-cycles by Poulenc and two impressionistic early partsongs by Milhaud.
Those who were keenly awaiting Petrenko's reading of Elgar's Second Symphony and his series of partsongs Scenes from the Bavarian Highlands should not have been disappointed.
A series of close readings in the August 2003 issue of Early Music by Oliver Neighbour ("Byrd's Treatment of Verse in His Partsongs," 412-22), Mike Smith ("'Whom Music's Lore Delighteth': Words-and-Music in Byrd's Ye Sacred Muses," 425-35), and John Milsom ("Byrd, Sidney, and the Art of Melting," 437-49), the last of these on the extraordinary 1589 Sidney setting "O Dear Life" (no.
On Thursday, Jette and pianist Thompson will be joined by tenor David Gustafson, alto Emily Lodine and bass Sandy Naishtat for partsongs and duets.
And a central sequence of partsongs by Joubert, Britten and Vaughan Williams proved that there really isn't much to choose from - in quality of inspiration, at any rate - between these three British masters.
Nevertheless, these performances of 12 partsongs for male and female voices are as filled with sweetness and light as one could imagine from Schubert.
Classical Partsongs Stanford / Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir / Spicer THE music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford has been overshadowed by that of his distinguished Royal College of Music pupils - including Holst, Vaughan-Williams, Ireland and Bridge.
Volumes of secular music also appeared, including partsongs such as Balthasar Fritsch's Newe deutsche Gesange (1608) and the three books of Schein's Musica boscareccia (1621, 1626, 1628), as well as collections of instrumental dances by Schein, Valerius Otto, Georg Engelmann, Samuel Michael, and Johann Rosenmuller.
Delius's Two Aquarelles are beautiful miniatures, string arrangements of the two unaccompanied partsongs - "to be sung of a summer's night on the water".
Gesualdo Responsories, more demanding in view of their tonal divergencies than the wildest undisciplined outpourings, weaved a context-setting thread throughout, as did Brahms partsongs in the Germanic second half.
Also highly treasurable are the Seven Unaccompanied Partsongs (poems by Robert Bridges).