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an inventory of replacement parts

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Pumps in order to salvage the existing parts and maintain one (1) Carter Pump spare parts inventory
DESIGN software and services are used during the design phase to simulate system availability and production needs and their impact on an asset's lifecycle costs; DEMAND software and services are used once an asset is in service to determine the best approach to improve availability and production while lowering repair parts inventory costs and maintenance; while COMMAND software and services examine the feasibility and approach of designing and building a predictive maintenance approach.
The spare parts inventory will be distributed among the six GSP engine overhaul centres and the company's spare parts hub in Dallas, Texas, US.
2002-17, which permitted a safe-harbor method of using replacement cost to determine the cost of vehicle parts inventory for automobile dealers.
The new facility sits on five acres dedicated to stocking Republic's multi-million dollar new and pre-owned machines and spare parts inventory, which is in addition to the already substantial parts inventory the company carries at its Florence, Ky.
Once the data is loaded into HSI's Worldwide Parts Locator Service, the client knows exactly which parts are in production and which parts are in the spare parts inventory.
As a result of the initiative, Columbia Gas Transmission not only found a better way to manage its compression parts inventory, but the company also identified more than 21,000 surplus parts that it is now making available for sale.
When you have nearly $12 million tied up in parts inventory, it helps to be organized.
The company was going through its parts inventory less than five times per quarter, while the industry average was about six to eight turns per quarter.
Prop Manager is a DOS-based package that helps users create work and repair requests, preventive-maintenance schedules, and parts inventory lists.
In 2006, ARC Advisory Group named MCA Solutions the number one provider of service parts inventory optimization.
IBM Japan (NYSE:IBM), IBM Business Consulting Services (Chiyoda TYO: IBCS), and SAP Japan Co (Chiyoda TYO: SAP Japan) collaborated on the JAL Mighty project to create a system to manage maintenance planning, quality control and parts inventory for approximately 160 aircraft, 460 engines and 500,000 parts.
112 TC 58 (1999), that an auto dealer using LIFO could not value its parts inventory at replacement cost, which was the most recent cost information available to the taxpayer.
An extensive parts inventory is maintained at its Ipswich, Mass.
Mesa Air Group has entered into a letter of intent with LogisTechs Inc for the sale, repair and management of the company's aircraft spare parts inventory.