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form a pair or pairs

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Natalie Storey, who works as an executive consultant at Acuma Independent Financial Advice in Dubai, often finds herself paying the utility bills, writing the cheque each month for their credit card dues and telling her partner off for not sticking to the budget she made.
On the day of her death, Doyle dropped his partner off at an Exeter hospital and went shopping before going drinking.
And in another drama a man fell 60ft near Tremadog - pulling his climbing partner off the crag as well.
But if a company's lawsuit catches a business partner off guard and stokes resentment, the outcome isn't as rosy.
Washington, Sept 28 (ANI): Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne's daughter and singer Kelly Osbourne is boycotting US airline Southwest for kicking a lesbian actress and her partner off their plane for an inappropriate display of affection in public.
In our story, mum Lauren Brodie, 23, lifted the lid on the heartbreak of waving her partner off to war, what it was like to be left behind to cope with baby, bills and household chores and spoke of the constant worry that the love of her life might never come home again.
Each morning after dropping my partner off I now take my life in my hands as I try to negotiate the return trip via a road that has been rendered single track by these inconsiderate car owners.
You may spot the same guy on a reality TV show telling the audience how he duped his business partner off several crores of rupees.
You could take yourself and your partner off to Edinburgh maybe, or over to the Lakes, or maybe a little further afield to Dublin or even Paris.
They practice honoring the king and then their partner, and accompanying their partner off the dance floor," says Whitley-Bauguess.
Sweeping views of the Pacific and the 1920's decor of Hotel Casa del Mar are sure to put you in the right mood to sweep your partner off his or her feet while enjoying classic ballroom dancing.
Bob or Rob gruffly shakes my hand and peels his partner off me again.
I dropped my partner off at a mainline railway station and had to make my way through various winding roads to the dual carriageway which delivers me to the M6 and thus to the quiet haven that is Cravat Corner (aka Post Features Department).
Zavala's most tragic case occurred in June 1998 when truck driver Fernando Sancho was sleeping in his big rig packed with $250,000 worth of frozen seafood in La Habra after dropping his partner off at his home in the Valley.
When you hear "Hike," try to push your partner off balance.
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