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Synonyms for partly



Synonyms for partly

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It might be partly owing to my own stupidity, my want of tact and assurance: but I felt myself wronged: I trembled with apprehension; and I listened with envy to her easy, rapid flow of utterance, and saw with anxiety the bright smile with which she looked into his face from time to time: for she was walking a little in advance, for the purpose (as I judged) of being seen as well as heard.
Stung by his old master's reproaches, he sacrificed his daughter and he sacrificed me--partly to his own sense of self-respect, partly to his conviction that the difference between us in rank made it his duty to check all further intercourse before it was too late.
They were barbarians, living partly from piratical expeditions against the northern and eastern coasts of Europe, partly from their flocks and herds, and partly from a rude sort of agriculture.
Out of the popular ballads, or, chiefly, of the minstrel poetry which is partly based on them, regularly develops epic poetry.
Sometimes there is real religious yearning, and indeed the heroes of these poems are partly medieval hermits and ascetics as well as quick-striking fighters; but for the most part the Christian Providence is really only the heathen Wyrd under another name, and God and Christ are viewed in much the same way as the Anglo-Saxon kings, the objects of feudal allegiance which is sincere but rather self-assertive and worldly than humble or consecrated.
But the decline of the Anglo-Saxon literature speaks also partly of stagnation in the race itself.
Nevertheless, we feel no temptation to say that the animal desired what occurred, partly because of the obviously mechanical nature of the whole occurrence, partly because, when an animal survives a fall, it tends not to repeat the experience.
Conscious desire is made up partly of what is essential to desire, partly of beliefs as to what we want.
This is due partly to the influence of words upon our emotions, in rhetoric for example, and partly to the general fact that discomfort normally belongs to the belief that we desire such-and-such a thing that we do not possess.
Then Levin had driven over himself, and arranged to have the grass cut, partly by hired labor, partly at a payment of a certain proportion of the crop.
Partly from its peculiar colour, partly from a superstition which represented it as feeling the influence of the deity whom it adorned, and growing and lessening in lustre with the waxing and waning of the moon, it first gained the name by which it continues to be known in India to this day--the name of THE MOONSTONE.
On May 9, there will be partly cloudy weather in Astana, rain is expected at night.
remaining around its seasonal average, with partly cloudy to clear skies.
In a statement today the body said : "The country is affected by extension of high pressure coming from Turkey, the weather is tomorrow, in all regions clear, With partly broken clouds, and the wind: will be mild northwestern with moderate speed, and a slight decrease in temperatures, where the minimum temperature expected in Baghdad tomorrow is of (6 m), and to 19 m.
According to the Jordan Meteorological Department, the weather on Saturday will remain relatively cold and partly cloudy with a chance for scattered showers.